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``getserviceproviders.php`` does not always validate value of ``$connection``, displays without encoding

Added by Jim Pingle about 1 year ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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When obtaining PPP service provider plan information, the code in getserviceproviders.php does not test or validate the value of the passed $connection variable from user input. It then passes back the given value without encoding.

Since the page also allows access via GET, a user could potentially be vulnerable to XSS if they visit a specially crafted link while logged in.

The user must be logged in and have sufficient privileges to access getserviceproviders.php. The affected case requires a provider to only have one plan. One example is to set Country: "Armenia", Provider: "Karabakh Telecom"

Example link which will produce a JS alert when visited:

While here, there are several other issues that could be addressed all at once:

  • The plan name is not being properly added in this specific case either, it's printing "Array" when it should be the name in the provider XML (KT_MARK in this example)
  • Lots of multi-level array access throughout the file which should really be rewritten to be PHP 8.x friendly

There is a related issue with the user/pass not being populated via JS, I made a separate issue for that, see #14544.

I have a commit ready to fix the validation and encoding as well as updating the PHP code. Will be pushed shortly.

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Problem can easily be reproduced on Plus 23.05.1 and CE 2.7.0, but cannot be reproduced on dev snapshots (CE or Plus). Fix appears to be working as expected.

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