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PHP-Growl: Growl Talk Notifications UDP 9887 implementation deprecated. GNTP is the new standard notification protocol.

Added by Mahdi Hedhli over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Growl no longer uses UDP 9887 to send notifications as of 1.2.1 (as far as I can tell). Free versions 1.2.2-1.3 and paid version 2.0 and beyond support a more robust, 2 way capable, notification protocol GNTP which utilizes TCP port 23503:

I understand that PFSense is implementing PHP-Growl and most likely not maintaining the package but I thought I would list this here in an effort to garner some focus/attention to either upgrading PHP-Growl to support GNTP or adding/implementing a different package that supports GNTP such as: Python GNTP library:

I have contact the owner of PHP-Growl to see if he had time or was interested in upgrading his plugin and will update this ticket as I hear back. Alternatively, on the off chance someone is interested in updating/forking PHP-Growl:

Although, it seems to make more sense to utilized the python GNTP library as the work already appears to be done, a web front end would be all that would be needed to be created.


#2 Updated by Mahdi Hedhli over 7 years ago

Warren Baker wrote: should work no?

Good find Warren! Hadn't seen that one. This would be great as it supports the old UDP implementation + new TCP GNTP.

I think between this and python GNTP we have solid options for updating this portion of pfsense.

Can we get this accepted and committed for a future build?

#3 Updated by Mahdi Hedhli about 7 years ago


I know this isn't a core feature or functionality but with the research and solutions proposed, I'd appreciate if this could at least be accepted into the roadmap.


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