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04:07 PM pfSense Revision 53b87a4c: VTI: Fix interface number limit
Code introduced by commit 3b85b43bb4b tried to keep the old way used to
decided VTI interface number using reqid and ...
07:21 AM pfSense Plus Bug #11466: PHP exit with sig 11 on SG-3100
Bill Meeks wrote:
> One of the issues identified in this ticket, the logging of "blank" interface names and the disp...
07:20 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11637 (Feedback): Preprocs - possible to create two defaults
PR merged on 2.6.0 / 2.5.1. It will be cherry-picked to stable after tests


10:58 AM pfSense Regression #11785 (Resolved): OpenSSL "Operation not supported" error with cryptodev in certain cases
Fixed according feedbacks
08:03 AM pfSense Plus Regression #11436 (Resolved): State matching problem with reponses to packets arriving on non-default WANs
07:49 AM pfSense Bug #11678 (Feedback): Certificate Manger does not reflect Unbound as a cert user
PR has been merged. Thanks!
07:40 AM pfSense Bug #11636 (Feedback): Unused Limiters with a schedule creates cron job
PR has been merged. Thanks!
07:37 AM pfSense Feature #11164 (Feedback): Prevent setting a load-balance gateway group as default.
PR has been merged. Thanks!
07:36 AM pfSense Bug #11609 (Feedback): CLI configuration without IPv6 leaves RA enabled.
PR has been merged. Thanks!
07:34 AM pfSense Feature #11596 (Feedback): Cisco AVPair {clientipv6} template
PR has been merged. Thanks!

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