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05:16 PM pfSense Revision 1792ffdb: ppp-linkup: Keep routerv6 address scope
Original code was removing address scope from v6 router and because of
that, system always use default gateway to con...
Renato Botelho
12:25 PM pfSense Bug #13939 (Feedback): IPv6 does not work on secondary PPPoE WAN
Applied in changeset commit:1792ffdb859a5cb40c11360c30989ccc3b7a9271. Renato Botelho
09:19 AM pfSense Bug #13939: IPv6 does not work on secondary PPPoE WAN
Reid Linnemann wrote in #note-2:
> It actually looks like this was written from the get-go to omit the scope, which ...
Renato Botelho


02:42 PM pfSense Bug #13939 (Resolved): IPv6 does not work on secondary PPPoE WAN
I have 2 PPPoE WANs at home and IPv6 only works on primary link, used as default gateway. In this case pppoe0 works ... Renato Botelho


12:38 PM pfSense Revision 3a603398: Fix typo s/_echo/echo/
Renato Botelho


01:31 PM pfSense Todo #12881 (Resolved): Update ``dpinger`` to 3.2
Done on both CE and Plus Renato Botelho
01:30 PM pfSense Todo #12881 (Resolved): Update ``dpinger`` to 3.2
Denny Page asked us to update dpinger to 3.2. This version adds some logging of the signal number on exit and would ... Renato Botelho


12:33 PM pfSense Revision 663bf0d5: Rework package repos for 2.6.0-RELEASE
Renato Botelho


12:05 PM pfSense Todo #12782 (Resolved): Disable ``pkg`` compatibility flag which creates ``txz`` file extension symbolic links
When pkg changed extension from .txz to .pkg we enabled a flag on poudriere to create a symlink with old extension fo... Renato Botelho


11:45 AM pfSense Feature #12768 (Rejected): pfSense-repo: Make sure default config file exists
pfSense-repo port create an empty file with .default extension pointing to default repository config file. Add some ... Renato Botelho

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