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02:24 PM pfSense Revision 7fededa1: Revert "Welcome pfSense CE 2.5.2-RELEASE"
This reverts commit 6bc442e71f8061aaae5cf29e106305f20697e1d5.
02:24 PM pfSense Revision 2e248c0e: Move FreeBSD-src back to RELENG_2_5_0
02:23 PM pfSense Revision e0e318ad: Revert "schedule: Use the new multi-label support"
This reverts commit 765277ba6d873847c6c5b5657877e9fb0cec4357.
02:23 PM pfSense Revision 54f72904: Revert "Tell pf to keep counter values"
This reverts commit 0b817201399fb7252aeb09eca94362618728183f.
02:23 PM pfSense Revision 23253139: Revert "Use 'tos' rather than 'dscp' keyword for pf DSCP matching"
This reverts commit 27a8acbb5455c3b3516d844024d9208ef23649bf.
02:23 PM pfSense Revision 4ea084cc: Revert "Correct pfctl syntax to kill by label. Fixes #12040"
This reverts commit 21fb5288f829b7efcad71c0610df3cf6cb2fba81.
12:05 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11887 (Feedback): Squid service starts twice by /etc/rc.start_packages
PR has been merged. Thanks!
12:05 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11711 (Feedback): New Squid Status Page Non-Functional
PR has been merged. Thanks!
12:03 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11878 (Feedback): squidguard dependencies missing
PR merged on 2.6.0 CE. Thanks
07:22 AM pfSense Packages Bug #12065 (Feedback): PHP crash when creating a new report in mailreport 3.6.3_2
PR has been merged. Thanks!

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