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missing kernel option / kernel module in 2.2 (mount_nullfs)

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Hi there.

I understand that pfSense doesn't come with a lot of the standard (FreeBSD-GENERIC) modules and kernel options. Some of us may find they need a specific module or kernel feature (of course not all of them). Presumably this lean build is to save memory / space and make for a smaller distribution.

As an example, I myself would like to run 3rd party jails on pfSense. However mounting shared folders into the jails requires "mount_nullfs" command. Otherwise the jails software simply won't function. The necessary kernel setting for that is "options NULLFS", or nullfs.ko. Which it turns out is only about 40 Kilobytes.

Any such .ko files must be compiled to the same kernel version as that specific pfSense release. So if you guys at ELC were ever to make a supplementary build target for options .ko's (or a fatter kernel) and distribute them in a separate download - then that would be fantastic. Of course the downside for you guys is the additional build time enumerated over every single release / architecture.

Honestly (for myself) I'd be more than happy with just "options NULLFS", or nullfs.ko Just to be done with it all. Apologies if ticket has appeared in the wrong category. Thanks for considering this.


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Already added to kernel

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Downloaded the latest snapshot. It worked. Thanks guys!

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