Bug #4396

Lengthy unbound outage during restart when adding static DHCP leases

Added by Elliott Quarles over 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

DNS Resolver
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When updating static DHCP leases the call to services_unbound_configure on the services_dhcp page causes a full rebuild of the unbound configure and a restart. This causes host resolution to fail while unbound is offline which in my environment takes 20+ seconds. DNS shouldn't be down for that long - especially when adding a static entry. Even with CARP setup both unbound services go down at near the same time.

This was corrected in my environment by changing the kill - config - start procedure of the services_unbound_configure() in to getting rid of the kill and calling unbound_control("reload") instead of sync_unbound_service().

Both adds and deletes work fine from services_dhcp and the reload now happens in less then 1 second with no perceivable loss of service.

Perhaps a modification of the unbound restart/reload functions would allow us to avoid the kill and rebuild kitchen sync call of unbound to be where it's not necessary.


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Affected version: 2.2 Release

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The root problem is that unbound reload functions (-HUP, unbound-control reload) actually stop, then start unbound. Which is broken.. That can take some time with certain configs, though it's a fraction of a second for what the majority use. dhcpleases updates trigger a -HUP, so it triggers brief DNS resolution outages while it's doing a 'reload' (which is really a stop/start).

That's something we'll need to pursue upstream with unbound.

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closing this in favor of #5413 which has better explanation of root cause.

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