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Make host and domain overrides available to both DNS Resolver and DNS Forwarder

Added by Phillip Davis almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

DNS Resolver
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There have been a few times on the forum when people need to be told to put in their Host or Domain Overrides again when they switch from DNS Forwarder to/from DNS Resolver.
Actually the Host Overrides and Domain Overrides is really the same data that is used by Forwarder or Resolver. It seems unnecessary for the user to have to re-enter it.
Here are a few options for how it could be enhanced:

a) Add 2 buttons on DNS Resolver to copy all entries from DNS Forwarder (button for host overrides and for domain overrides)
(do the same in reverse on DNS Forwarder page)
If the button is pressed then add anything from the "other side" into the current list, that is not already there.
That gives the user an automated way to copy the entries across.

b) Put 2 checkboxes on DNS Resolver - "Enable Host Overrides from DNS Forwarder" "Enable Domain Overrides from DNS Forwarder". Make the back-end code process the DNS Forwarder entries also.
(do the same in reverse on DNS Forwarder page)

c) Put Host and Domain overrides entries into a single place in the config that is not specifically stored under Forwarder or Resolver. Have the webGUI displays manipulate the data in that place (thus both Forwarder and Resolver GUI pages will show the same list). Put some upgrade code in place to move currently-enabled settings on upgrade...

d) Do nothing.

Do any of (a) (b) (c) look better than (d)?

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Updated by Kill Bill almost 8 years ago

The code was already there with 2.1.x and the unbound package.


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