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03:19 PM pfSense Revision 646217f5: Remove dead code for openvpn aliases
Phillip Davis
03:43 AM pfSense Bug #9806 (Resolved): Undefined variables in openvpn aliases section
A couple of variables are not set/correct.
See PR
Phillip Davis


07:11 AM pfSense Revision f3f98e97: Fix random typos
Phillip Davis


11:40 AM pfSense Revision 34925626: Report correct auth server host when testing LDAP auth server
Phillip Davis
10:36 AM pfSense Revision 5520839e: Mark authentication containers label as required field
Phillip Davis
05:33 AM pfSense Bug #8338 (Resolved): Wrong LDAP host is reported when testing system auth server settings
To reproduce:
1) Add a few authentication servers (some Radius, at least 1 LDAP that is not the first entry in the l...
Phillip Davis
04:40 AM pfSense Bug #8337 (Resolved): System Authservers page Authentication Containers field should be marked required
Actually the box for entering the container data has the "background" text "*Containers"
Phillip Davis


02:06 PM pfSense Revision c5007d58: show disabled status on status-interfaces
Phillip Davis


04:36 AM pfSense Revision e58d4ccd: Comment typos
Phillip Davis


11:01 AM pfSense Bug #7474: Problems adding gateway from interface edit
Already in master by PR
So it happens already in 2.4 - no need to push ...
Phillip Davis

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