Bug #5395

diag_logs.php - Reading log text is difficult (Lack of line wrapping, bg color)

Added by Jim Pingle almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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The lack of wrapping on content displayed by diag_logs.php aligns better but it makes it really difficult to read long messages, especially ones near the top, as you have to either copy/paste them into something else or scroll all the way to the bottom, move the horizontal scroll bar over, then find the message you were reading before. Or click and drag and hope the browser follows properly. I can't think of any scenario that helps the user by removing wrapping here, but maybe I'm overlooking something.

While here, the background gray is a tad dark for reading black text on it. Could be a few shades lighter, or rows could alternate between white and a really light gray.

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Log viewer changed to table layout to support wrapping.

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That is much easier on the eyes, thanks!

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