Bug #6836

Wrong queue length on "/status_queues.php" page under heavy traffic

Added by Vladimir Putin over 1 year ago. Updated 11 months ago.

Traffic Shaper
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Investigated mostly here
Looks like /status_queues.php code is somewhere broken, it report wrong values for queue length under load and sometimes I have seen huge large numbers for bandwidth — some Gbps instead of kbps. Can someone check this?


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please close and reopen this as someone other than "Vladimir Putin".

not kidding.

#2 Updated by Vladimir Putin about 1 year ago

Please point me to the some redmine EULA or law, why I can not use this name anymore like it was used for the 5 last years on redmine and I'll do what you want. claims that I can use the site pseudonymously, that means I can use any last name I want, is not it?

#3 Updated by Jim Thompson about 1 year ago

The Ts & Cs of the redmine project don't apply here

#4 Updated by Vladimir Putin about 1 year ago

So show me what is applied here and please remove all not applicable redmine "Ts & Cs" links from this site also.

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rejected for reasons shown in-thread.

#6 Updated by Vladimir Putin 12 months ago

Sorry, I see no reason, just outrage and not from my side.

#7 Updated by Ronald Trump 11 months ago

I'm experiencing the same issue. Is this being tracked somewhere? My search has come up empty so far.

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