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10:29 PM pfSense Bug #8015: IPSecVPN Not Reconnecting until complete reboot
Not sure we can do much about this in the current architecture.
10:20 PM pfSense Bug #8022: radvd receives SIGBUS on SG-3100 (ARM)
Leif Huhn wrote:
> I compiled 2.17 from ports on raspi2 and it runs on the SG-3100 without SIGBUS.
We know the po...


02:22 PM pfSense Bug #8022: radvd receives SIGBUS on SG-3100 (ARM)
Leif Huhn wrote:
> I'm trying to install gdb to debug this but when I run:
> pkg add


11:53 AM pfSense Bug #8013: IPsec MSS clamping value shared for IPv4 and IPv6
Agree this would be good, but it really wants to be part of FreeBSD (upstream).
I've assigned it, but I don't know...


03:02 AM pfSense Bug #7969: md5 bgp sessions fail in 2.4.0


09:46 PM pfSense Bug #7619 (Closed): Enable Enhanced networking on AWS
fixed in 2.4
09:26 PM pfSense Bug #7982 (Duplicate): PPP over VLAN fails
Duplicate of #7981
09:25 PM pfSense Bug #7980: Support widget is displayed in Times New Roman
please have the correct parties educate themselves about fonts.
08:25 PM pfSense Feature #7882: Seperator feature in DHCP Static mapping for this feature
Assigned to Beaver, so he can do the work (-should be trivial-) or re-assign to Pingle or Jones.
08:24 PM pfSense Feature #6620: CoDel, FQ-CoDel, PIE and FQ-PIE AQMs

Code is in 11.1 / 2.4.
GUI needs adaptation.

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