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02:25 AM pfSense Bug #13525: Memory leak in PF when retrieving Ethernet rules
seems to have landed in our tree
Jim Thompson


10:59 PM pfSense Bug #11602: Delayed packet transmission in cxgbe driver can lead to latency and reduced performance
Navdeep wrote in
The bug was first fixed in these commits in FreeBSD 14-current and 13:
Jim Thompson


05:42 PM pfSense Feature #11164: Input validation to prevent setting a load balancing gateway group as default
Seems simple enough to fix (with the message) and the GUI is misleading. Jim Thompson


01:23 PM pfSense Bug #10414: Very high CPU usage of pfctl and more causing very high load and a hardly usable internet connection
From what we can tell, pf is doing a ton of smp rendezvous zeroing per-CPU counters. The described "hang" s...
Jim Thompson


11:49 PM pfSense Feature #6960: Replace ISC DHCP server with Kea
Hey Dan, we definitely know who you guys are. We use Kea on tnsr. Jim Thompson


05:43 PM pfSense Bug #7653: 3gstats.php holding open the cuaU0.3 device
saving this for posterity
"We don't support unplugging...
Jim Thompson


12:56 AM pfSense Feature #9260: ssh_tunnel_shell: Disable console message output
It’s worse than that. If I’m looking at the right source, that binary does nothing but chatter at the poor user.
Jim Thompson


10:00 PM pfSense Bug #8964: IPsec async cryptography advanced setting - TCP traffic not passing through
@luke they’re not for sale yet
@clinton please be more specific
@vladimir please explain how you enabled aes-ni on ...
Jim Thompson


12:09 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8517: OpenConnect client
should be a package.
pull requests accepted for review.
Jim Thompson
12:01 AM pfSense Bug #6929: Choosing ZFS during install results in a system that cannot mount root
Victor Hooi wrote:
> I hit this issue as well.
> The workaround was to trigger the loader mode on bootup, then ...
Jim Thompson

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