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09:06 PM pfSense Bug #4479: Firewall rules won't match GRE interface after applying IPSEC transport encryption on ...
Ermal says there is code in Darwin that addresses this.


05:19 AM pfSense Packages Feature #7275: Add help text for DNS Made Easy
Phillip Davis wrote:
> Mentioning the Pull Request is good enough. I usually paste the whole link to it, like this:


08:46 PM pfSense Bug #8324: bxe cards require promisc for OSPF
bxe seems to want IFF_ALLMULTI set, and something isn't setting it.


02:00 PM pfSense Feature #7618: Add support for user-supplied Host-Uniq tag and handle PADM messages in Netgraph P...
We’ll pull the support for this in as soon as FreeBSD accepts it. (It’s too big to carry.)


12:43 AM pfSense Bug #8206: Hosted Openappid rules - syntax error
Renato knows.


03:32 PM pfSense Bug #8125: gateway 502 errors proposed fix for high ram systems
I’m in favor of incorporating this. Assigned to Beaver for evaluation. Target set to 2.4.3
Thanks, Chris.


10:29 PM pfSense Bug #8015: IPSecVPN Not Reconnecting until complete reboot
Not sure we can do much about this in the current architecture.
10:20 PM pfSense Bug #8022: radvd receives SIGBUS on SG-3100 (ARM)
Leif Huhn wrote:
> I compiled 2.17 from ports on raspi2 and it runs on the SG-3100 without SIGBUS.
We know the po...


02:22 PM pfSense Bug #8022: radvd receives SIGBUS on SG-3100 (ARM)
Leif Huhn wrote:
> I'm trying to install gdb to debug this but when I run:
> pkg add


11:53 AM pfSense Bug #8013: IPsec MSS clamping value shared for IPv4 and IPv6
Agree this would be good, but it really wants to be part of FreeBSD (upstream).
I've assigned it, but I don't know...

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