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07:30 PM pfSense Packages Bug #7471: Cellular pkg errors on install
Reassign to pkg author if this is specific to the cellular pkg


12:23 AM pfSense Feature #4632: Support for Multipath TCP (MPTCP)
when it's in FreeBSD.


03:36 PM pfSense Packages Feature #7321: DynDNS - Add DreamHost DNS support
Whoops... I completely missed that the second red flag "CLA Missing" was a reversal.
03:21 PM pfSense Todo #7385: Sanitize PHP includes
Assigned to Steve Beaver, but this looks like it could be a hairball.
02:02 PM pfSense Packages Bug #7319: Tinc uninstall leaves an entry in the firewall rules tab.
Assigned to Pingle for tracking.
02:01 PM pfSense Packages Feature #7321: DynDNS - Add DreamHost DNS support
will need a signed CLA prior to integration.
01:39 PM pfSense Bug #7380: WAN DHCP Gateway Outside of Subnet Causing Route Issues

Assigned to Renato for evaluation.
Actual diff is here:


09:42 AM pfSense Packages Bug #7374: Barnyard2 package has incomplete install when installed as Suricata depedency
I'll track this and contact Bill Meeks.
"Kill Bill", please find a way to interact with a more professional tone....


05:04 PM pfSense Bug #7138 (Assigned): Pfsense wide dhcpv6 client doesn't recognise ifid statement
05:04 PM pfSense Bug #7254 (Assigned): Selection from long tab list that uses dropdown does not POST correctly

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