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FRR pkg pfsense no metric-type option in OSPF redistribute section of web-interface

Added by Constantine Kormashev almost 3 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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There is not metric-type option in OSPF redistribute section of web-interface. By default FRR makes redistribution with route-map without options. But even I use manual route-map for redistribution instead there is no set metric-type option for OSPF IPv4 in web interface of route-map creation.

metrics.png (41.9 KB) metrics.png Constantine Kormashev, 07/01/2019 12:36 AM


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The OSPF metric option under Route Maps, "Metric" in the drop-down "Metric Action". The options there are the only options offered by FRR for route-maps. It appears FRR is not capable of setting the v4 type there, or perhaps it's the same for v4 and v6 but their documentation only lists 6.

I can look into adding an option to the OSPF GUI but the primary goal initially is feature parity with the Quagga package, which does not have that option either.

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This should be possible with FRR pkg version 0.6:

#3 Updated by Constantine Kormashev about 1 year ago

I updated to latest FRR version: 0.5.2 which is based on frr6-6.0.2_1 and there is still not External type metrics settings for OSPF, only for OSPFv3 (IPv6) in route-map section:

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0.5.2 is not the latest version. The latest version is 0.6, which is what I said in my comment. FRR pkg version 0.6 is only now available on 2.5.0 snapshots. Use it there and try again.

#5 Updated by Constantine Kormashev 11 months ago

Tried latest stable 2.4.4-p3 with 6.0.2, everything is fine, I can assign metric type on any types of redistributed routes.

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