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telegraf not reporting memory

Added by Lucas Hereld about 1 year ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Since installing 2.4.3, telegraf isn't reporting memory anymore. Everything else is reporting as usual.


#1 Updated by Chipster Cuch about 1 year ago

Can confirm this same behavior. An upstream bug was also filed:

#2 Updated by Chipster Cuch about 1 year ago

Update: I worked with an InfluxData dev on this issue and it's indeed upstream. gopsutil[1], a golang dependency for Telegraf, needed to be fixed, and a gopsutil merge request has been approved upstream.

I compiled Telegraf-1.6.0-rc4 with the patched gopsutil dependency and it works like a charm on all 3 instances. However, the gopsutil fix will not be in the Telegraf 1.6.0 final release, rather, it's been slated for inclusion for the Telegraf 1.7.0 milestone.

Also, as of Telegraf 1.6.0(rc-n), there are a host of new plugin and external golang dependencies. So I'm not sure how the pfSense Telegraf package maintainer would like to proceed.

I have the updated Telegraf Makefile and distinfo, declaring all the additional and new deps, as well as the proper GH commits etc. to make this all work for the RC and forthcoming 1.6.0 Telegraf release if the maintainer would like them.


#3 Updated by Chipster Cuch about 1 year ago

FWIW: Here is my port setup for the patched Telegraf fixing the memory issue and addressing the new golang deps for telegraf v. > 1.5.3

#4 Updated by Chipster Cuch about 1 year ago

Telegraf 1.6.0 final was released today. I have updated the port accordingly, and it includes the memory plugin fix from the patched `gopsutil` golang dep.

#5 Updated by Chipster Cuch about 1 year ago

Telegraf 1.6.1 was released yesterday with the updated godeps that fix various issues. I have submitted my patches upstream:

#6 Updated by Chipster Cuch about 1 year ago

UPDATE: my changes were committed upstream (

I have a pull request in GH for my changes to the pfSense telegraf port, but I don't know where it/the pfSense package maintainer stands.

#8 Updated by Jared Dillard 4 months ago

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