Bug #8481

Editing multiple entries in multiple browser tabs causes problems or doesn't work

Added by Eduard Rozenberg about 2 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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In various places in the web interface, trying to edit multiple entries in browser tabs and saving them one by one doesn't work.

For example, I open to edit multiple alias entries in multiple browser tabs. Then I make changes and click Save in each browser tab. This causes bad side effects such as aliases being deleted without intending to. One of my aliases was deleted for example as a result, even though it was referenced in a firewall rule.

In other places in the UI, trying to edit multiple entries in several browser tabs returns an error.

It appears sometime in the recent past, the way entries are internally ID'd (unique ID's) may have changed, and that ID's may be reassigned after entries are saved. I'm pretty sure I was able to edit multiple entries in multiple browser tabs in older pfSense releases.

This may be how things are currently intended to work, but it has at least a couple of unfortunate aspects:
  • Users may not realize the issue, and have entries corrupted or deleted without realizing it.
  • Not being able to edit multiple entries in multiple tabs makes changing many entries much more tedious - have to Edit - wait - Save - wait for each entry now.


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Duplicate of #8285

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