Bug #9333

limiters still active when marked inactive

Added by David Burns over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Traffic Shaper (Limiters)
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Using limiters for network testing - it appears that modifying config of limiters so that they are inactive does not appear to remove them from active limiters (Diagnostics / Limiter Info).

Expected behaviour
Limiters set inactive should be inactive

Actual behaviour
Limiters set inactive are active

Steps to reproduce:

1. Firewall / Traffic Shaper / Limiters - click New Limiter (eg. I created one "Down25M" for downloads and another "Up5M" for uploads)
2. Save limiter(s)
3. Apply changes
4. Diagnostics / Limiter Info - verify limiter config
5. Firewall / Traffic Shaper / Limiters - select Limiter & uncheck Enable box
6. Save limiter
7. Apply changes
8. Diagnostics / Limiter Info - observe limiter marked inactive is still showing as active

Workaround 1: Disable applicable firewall rules (using in/out pipe) to disable use of one or more limiter(s)
Workaround 2: Reboot if all limiters are no longer required. Given the processing overhead of dummynet limiters this seems to be only way of fully disabling limiters


#1 Updated by Jim Pingle over 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Not a Bug

After making any change to limiters you must reset the state table, or old connections could still be active on the old limiter settings.

#2 Updated by David Burns over 2 years ago

Thanks Jim

There were no active connections.

Regardless as per your suggestion I nuked the state table yet the limiter is still active!

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle over 2 years ago

If there are no connections it isn't "active" -- It may be in the list, but if nothing is using it, then it isn't "active".

#4 Updated by David Burns over 2 years ago

When any Limiter(s) is updated /tmp/rule.limiter is regenerated on Apply Changes.

Why doesn't a Diagnostics / States / Reset States flush existing limiters and reload the current /tmp/rule.limiter?

Alternatively if I delete a Limiter then it is deleted immediately from the Limiters (assuming it isn't referenced by a rule) ... Given this limiter deletion functionality exists why can't an inactive limiter be removed from table?

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