Bug #9504

Multiple Dynamic DNS update notifications for the same interface, not differentiated by the hostname

Added by robi robi almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Dynamic DNS
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We have multiple Dynamic DNSes set up for multiple interfaces. Several WANs, each with several Dynamic DNS entries. Whenever an update happens, we get as many e-mails as many entries are set up for the sane interface, all with the following same text:

Notifications in this message: 1

14:03:46 DynDNS updated IP Address on WAN2 (igb0) to

It would be nice for the information to be more detailed, to include in the notification text the hostname which the update has happened for.
The user can't tell from this, what hostnames were affected by the update. This can be confusing in situations when there are multiple hostnames on multiple interfaces.


#1 Updated by Jim Pingle almost 2 years ago

The text could be a little more descriptive, perhaps.

The messages are already grouped. If multiple messages fire close enough together, they are collected into a single e-mail. These must be delayed just enough to trigger multiple messages.

#2 Updated by robi robi almost 2 years ago


On WAN1 we have 7 different hostnames, on WAN2 we have 3 different hostnames. Sometimes we need to change a couple of hostnames from one interface to another, it's hard to tell from 7 consecutive e-mails, all containing the same text, which were the affected hostnames...

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle almost 2 years ago

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I was agreeing with you, the attitude is unnecessary.

#4 Updated by robi robi almost 2 years ago

OK sorry, didn't intend to be rude.

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