Bug #9665 deleting A record for domain along with TXT record for _acme-challenge

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I was trying to set up a LetsEncrypt certificate for my domain using Linode's v4 DNS API. I was able to generate the certificate using the staging server, but I also noticed that is removing the A record for my domain along with the TXT record for the _acme-challenge domain.

Here's the logs ( for the DNS record deletions from acme_issuecert.log. I have sanitized the logs for privacy purposes. 11111111 is the record ID for and 22222222 is the record ID for

After LetsEncrypt verifies the TXT record, calls _clearupwebbroot , which in turn calls _findHook to verify that the DNS script exists and then deletes the DNS record for the domain . As far as I can tell, this deletion should only happen if we use VTYPE_HTTP as the verification type. The part where the TXT record is cleared happens after _clearupwebbroot is called (in the _clearupdns function).

I looked up the script in the official repository and it did not have the "h_api" stuff inside the _clearupwebbroot function where the A record deletion is happening. The "h_api" code was added in this commit: If we can check "$vtype" before going into the "h_api" section, like how we are doing before calling the addcommand function , then the A record won't be deleted when using VTYPE_DNS. I have verified that adding the if gate before entering the h_api section in _clearupwebbroot function does fix the issue. I've attached my patch to

h_api-fix.patch (1.61 KB) h_api-fix.patch Ronnie Thomas, 08/04/2019 03:58 PM


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This should be fixed in ACME pkg version 0.6 which will be up as soon as it builds.

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Sorry for the late response. But I can confirm that ACME 0.6 does fix the issue for me. This ticket can be closed now.

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