Bug #9707


Some networks already existing in deny Feeds are not stopped even if existing in custom deny list

Added by Laurent BONNIN over 3 years ago.

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I have a Freepbx that use Fail2ban / IPtables that creates entries in IPtables for banned IP.
Using a little batch file I collect the banned IP from IPtables and create a dedicated file for pfblockerNG.

Each hours, the banned IP file is updated with newer IP banned (IP are added).
Using Feeds settings in PfblockerNG, I read the file 2 minutes later.

When I see multiple IP comming from same network out of my country (France), I use to ban all the network manually.
i.e : for IP, I use to manually ban, so I open my IP Banned file and enter the full network with a comment to remember the full range, and then I remove the IP from the file. I also "reset" IPtables so the IP just removed never comes back.

My main issue is that some networks are not integrated into the pfblockerNG file.

i.e : is in the original file, not in pfblockerNG file. is in the original file, not in pfblockerNG file.

When I check log files, I do not see the networks too.

Any idea why pfblockerNG is missing some data ?

Here is my IP Banned file (my personal Feed) :

# Generation du 22-08-2019 a 09:58:01         # CDN77-NYC US DataCamp Limited London ( -         # VITOX TELECOM Reykjavik Iceland         # VITOX TELECOM Delhi 110081 India Netherlands         # VITOX TELECOM NETHERLANDS ICELAND ROMANIA EUROPE            # Privax LTD AVAST cloud London ( -            # Privax LTD PRCDN-CONSUMER-AU3-20181203 PoP Sydney Australia ( -            # PRCDN-CONSUMER-RU-LED-20190515 Russia ( -            # OVH GmbH Deutschland ( -         # Liquid Web, L.L.C Lansing US ( -         # River City Internet Group St. Louis US ( -         # River City Internet Group St. Louis US ( -          # ORG-CSHS2-RIPE CLOUDSTAR-MNT Iceland          # ORG-CSHS2-RIPE CLOUDSTAR-MNT Iceland          # DigitalOcean, LLC New York ( -           # DigitalOcean, LLC New York ( -         # RIPE Network Coordination Centre Amsterdam ( -          # DigitalOcean, LLC New York ( -             # APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Centre Australia ( -          # CHINANET-SN China Telecom ( -

And here is the content of the "Deny file" corresponding into pfblockerNG

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