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07:58 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11763 (New): Traffic graphs refresh issue
Using Windows 10 20H2 and Chrome 89.
If Main page of pfsense is opened with traffic graphs displayed for a while (...
Laurent BONNIN


03:27 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10927 (Resolved): pfBlockerNG-devel fullfill the pfsense config history when RAM disk in use
Hi !
I set pfBlockerNG-devel to update DNSBL hourly, and it works fine.
But this hourly update use to be logged i...
Laurent BONNIN


10:03 AM pfSense Packages Bug #9707 (New): Some networks already existing in deny Feeds are not stopped even if existing in custom deny list
I have a Freepbx that use Fail2ban / IPtables that creates entries in IPtables for banned IP.
Using a little ...
Laurent BONNIN


03:02 AM pfSense Packages Bug #9662 (New): PfblockerNG do not update after pfsense reboot and wait for next cron task
After rebooting pfsense, pfblockerNG do not launch cron process to update and wait for next cron time.
While next ...
Laurent BONNIN


09:03 AM pfSense Bug #8537: Update from 2.3.5_1 to 2.3.5_2 on nanobsd failed
Jim Pingle wrote:
> "Secondary partition (/dev/ufs/pfsense1), used for upgrade not found" reads like you didn't writ...
Laurent BONNIN
06:46 AM pfSense Bug #8537 (Not a Bug): Update from 2.3.5_1 to 2.3.5_2 on nanobsd failed
Update process from GUI failed due to Duplicate slice missing.
See below detailled informations from GUI textare
Laurent BONNIN

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