Bug #4302

Updated by Jim Pingle almost 7 years ago

 Several DSCP choices are non-functional in pfSense 2.2 rules and when chosen, they result in a broken ruleset that will not load. The same list was available in pfSense 2.1.x and had been working, so users that had certain DSCP choices active on 2.1.x may have a broken ruleset post-upgrade. 

 I tested all of the available DSCP choices and below are the results. The first text is the GUI choice, if there is an item in parenthesis afterwards, that is the value that is put into the ruleset, not the same as the GUI choice. 

 af11 - OK 
 af12 - OK 
 af13 - OK 
 af21 - OK 
 af22 - OK 
 af23 - OK 
 af31 - OK 
 af32 - OK 
 af33 - OK 
 af41 - OK 
 af42 - OK 
 af43 - OK 
 VA (44) - Fail -- Works if you use "VA" bare in the ruleset, not 44. 
 EF - OK 
 cs1 (8) - Fail 
 cs2 (16) - Fail 
 cs3 (24) - Fail 
 cs4 (32) - Fail 
 cs5 (40) - Fail 
 cs6 (48) - Fail 
 cs7 (56) - Fail 
 0x01 - OK 
 0x02 - OK 
 0x04 - OK 

 In particular, none of the class selector (CS) choices work.