Bug #5975

Updated by Chris Buechler over 8 years ago

Some things i found to be 'strange'. 

 1) Ability -Ability to move multiple rows at once to a new location after selecting them, and without drag and drop which isnt fancy for rule sets that dont fit on 1 screen. (This used to be possible in 2.2, but there is no 'move here' button anymore.) 

 2) Enabling/Disabling -Enabling/Disabling a single rule reloads the whole page, would be beter to do such a thing with a small ajax script that handles it in the background. 

 3) After -After adding a new rule and dragging it to the correct location 'apply' should automatically store the 'rule order' instead of tell its going to change pages requiring a save.. 

 4) After -After dragging a rule to a different location, clicking it a single time selects a different row