Regression #13895

Updated by Marcos M over 1 year ago

After installing pfSense+ 23.01 with ZFS on a HyperV Gen2 VM in Windows 11, pfSense does not boot. boot if the VM is started while connected to the VM console. The console shows it stops after printing the EFI framebuffer information. See: 

 * Works: pfSense-CE-2.7.0-DEVELOPMENT-amd64-20230123-0600.iso 
 * Works: pfSense-plus-22.05-RELEASE-amd64.iso 
 * Works: FreeBSD-14.0-CURRENT-amd64-20221209-b1ef176eb528-259626-disc1.iso 
 * Broken (UFS works): pfSense-plus-23.01-RC-amd64-20230123-0600.iso 

 # Create a new VM with 4GB of Dynamic Memory, default switch, 8GB drive, and select an ISO for the boot image. 
 # Edit the VM and uncheck Hardware / Security / Secure Boot // Enable Secure Boot. 
 # Install using default options (ZFS). 
 # Edit the VM and select Hardware / SCSI Controller / DVD Drive // Media: @None@. 
 # Connect to the VM console and console, then start the VM.