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07:17 PM pfSense Packages Bug #14054: pfBlockerNG can incorrectly modify firewall rules
It appears this related to the IPv4 IP list being updated, and happens during this step:... Marcos M


11:52 AM pfSense Feature #13017 (Pull Request Review): Packet capture: add preview results while capture is running
Thank you for the pull request. This has been implemented with a re-write of the Packet Capture page. See https://red... Marcos M


05:58 PM pfSense Bug #14128 (New): Input validation does not prevent limiter bandwidth values that are too large
There exists a limit to the bandwidth value within Limiters:
Marcos M


09:34 PM pfSense Docs Todo #14107: Add troubleshooting steps for LDAP auth
It helped someone on 23.01 after they saw the following from pfSense on a pcap when testing the auth:
> Alert (Level...
Marcos M
10:43 AM pfSense Docs Todo #14107 (Closed): Add troubleshooting steps for LDAP auth
Add the troubleshooting step of restarting php-fpm as detailed here:
Add to...
Marcos M
02:53 PM pfSense Bug #11877 (Resolved): Labels and description disappear in firewall_schedule_edit.php
There's a quirk with the fix where removing the row with the labels does not re-add the labels until the changes are ... Marcos M


10:33 AM pfSense Bug #13325 (Confirmed): System Information widget breaks with multiple instances
Marcos M


07:43 PM pfSense Bug #14077 (New): Kernel panic from incoming IPv6 connections
After upgrading to 23.01, the system crashes with the following test on a Netgate 6100:
* With a default configurati...
Marcos M
07:29 PM pfSense Regression #14076 (Resolved): PHP error with Auto Configuration Backup
After upgrading to 23.01, the following is reported:... Marcos M
07:25 PM pfSense Feature #4681 (Resolved): AutoConfigBackup make a way to easily download a saved backup
This functionality now exists. Marcos M

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