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pfSense Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/14/2020
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10:30 PM pfSense Regression #15439 (Feedback): Incorrect icon on collapsed dashboard widgets
Applied in changeset commit:6bc4f43497c6d6262f5ac0f386444222325fdf71. Marcos M
10:00 PM pfSense Regression #15439 (In Progress): Incorrect icon on collapsed dashboard widgets
Marcos M
10:02 PM pfSense Revision 6bc4f434: Don't modify widget config button when toggling collapse state. Fix #15439
Marcos M
06:05 PM pfSense Bug #15635 (Feedback): Gateway monitoring includes disabled gateways
Applied in changeset commit:667ed3d9795563c65b9411dbe540cf919545eca5. Marcos M
04:56 PM pfSense Bug #15635 (In Progress): Gateway monitoring includes disabled gateways
Marcos M
05:06 PM pfSense Revision 667ed3d9: Don't monitor disabled gateways. Fix #15635
The introduction of get_gateways() regressed the behavior of excluding
disabled gateways by default.
Marcos M


09:13 PM pfSense Revision 012e36e6: Additional revisions to OpenVPN CSC. Fix #12522
Fix the keep_minimal checkbox being unchecked on page load, and
move it below the remove_options list. Add more remov...
Marcos M
09:12 PM pfSense Bug #15630 (Not a Bug): When parsing file, boot process is halted if error
This isn't something we'd normally check for explicitly. There have been a various config changes that could affect t... Marcos M


05:22 PM pfSense Regression #14026 (Resolved): CARP backup node is unable to ping master node CARP VIP address
The upcoming pfSense software release includes the upstream patch and the ping works as expected there. Marcos M


06:35 PM pfSense Bug #15624 (Feedback): Skipping packages during a backup fails with large configurations
Applied in changeset commit:0d2ada69f07a4cba5e99430d1d24c4ecc9abc713. Marcos M

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