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12:25 PM pfSense Plus Bug #15386 (Resolved): EULA Prompting Twice on Plus
Tested against:... Danilo Zrenjanin


07:59 AM pfSense Bug #15171: Removing an IPsec Phase 1 entry can either remove the wrong Phase 2 entries or leave orphaned Phase 2 entries in the configuration
DBACORP DBACORP wrote in #note-9:
> Reproduced the same issue in PLUS version 23.09.1 ​​and the issue persisted.
> ...
Danilo Zrenjanin
07:16 AM pfSense Bug #15178 (Confirmed): ACB (autoconfig backup) restore always returns could not decrypt despite proper password
Yes, I was able to reproduce the described behavior.
Tested against the following versions:...
Danilo Zrenjanin


11:04 AM pfSense Plus Bug #15386 (Confirmed): EULA Prompting Twice on Plus
Danilo Zrenjanin
10:44 AM pfSense Plus Bug #15386: EULA Prompting Twice on Plus
I can confirm the described behavior.
Tested against the following release:...
Danilo Zrenjanin


07:07 AM pfSense Bug #15376 (Not a Bug): OpenVPN DHCP Range | Pool
Danilo Zrenjanin
06:52 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13409: Copy button for Optional pre-shared key for this tunnel works in HTTPS mode only
I tested the patch against the 24.03 BETA release.
The patch fixes the issue.
It can be merged.
Danilo Zrenjanin


10:56 AM pfSense Regression #15019 (Resolved): pfSense Plus is always shown as an available upgrade for eligible CE devices.
This has been fixed on the 2.7.2 release.
If you don't select *[Upgrade] - Latest pfSense Plus Stable Version (23...
Danilo Zrenjanin
08:36 AM pfSense Docs Correction #15382 (New): pfSense Plus Azure support plans
The page explaining Support Resources for pfSense Plus instances in Azure does not include a note about the option to... Danilo Zrenjanin


02:28 PM pfSense Bug #15379 (Not a Bug): Diagnostic/Traceroute follows default gateway instead of IPsec interface for routing traffic
If you define a specific Source Address in the Diagnostic/Traceroute page and that interface IP is within the IPsec t... Danilo Zrenjanin

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