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01:42 PM pfSense Bug #8993: PHP error from filter_rules_sort() when config.xml contains no rules
I couldn't replicate this one on:
2.4.4-RELEASE (arm)
built on Thu Sep 20 09:33:19 EDT 2018
FreeBSD 11....


09:30 AM pfSense Bug #8980 (Resolved): Disabling hardware checksums does not disable IPv6 transmit checksum
Disabling hardware checksums did not disable IPv6 transmit checksum on 2.4.4-RELEASE.
After upgrading to:...


04:25 PM pfSense Bug #9071: Package restore after fresh install can fail, claiming packages do not exist
I did a fresh 2.4.4 recovery install on SG-3100. After restoring config file with installed packages all worked as ex...


11:21 AM pfSense Bug #9067: PHP error when installing first package with empty installedpackages tag
I've upgraded to:
built on Wed Nov 07 16:23:36 EST 2018
FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p4


04:49 PM pfSense Bug #8915: After updating to 2.4.4-rc an empty crash report is shown
Tried to replicate getting PHP crush report on SG-3100:
from version 2.4.3_p1 to 2.4.4 - RELEASE / no crush repo...


05:36 PM pfSense Bug #8914: Gateway switch events cause a huge amount of log spew
Tried to replicate the issue in 2.4.4-RELEASE.
Under logs, I was getting only "Keep current gateway, its already ...
05:19 PM pfSense Bug #9015 (Closed): Default gateway doesn't switch as expected
After selecting Gateway Group (WANGW2 tier1 - WANGW1 tier2) under *System/Routing/Gateways* - *Default gateway sectio...


10:18 AM pfSense Bug #8938: Installation of a package that depends on php72 on a version of pfSense older than 2.4.4-RELEASE breaks the pfSense install
Tested on 2.4.3_1 - I was able to see Acme package which depends on php72 but wasn't able to install it.
Tested on ...
09:20 AM pfSense Feature #8947: Cron based ACB option
Functionality to perform config backups via cron instead of on every change is added and works as expected. Tested in...


04:06 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8716: Suricata package does not survive pfSense upgrade.
I have done upgrade at SG-3100 to 2.4.4.a.20180824.1144 base system. Suricata has survived.

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