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12:59 PM pfSense Bug #13231 (New): OpenVPN custom options may fail after save/restore
Sometimes after restoring a backup XML file, custom options get formatted improperly. That prevents the OpenVPN servi... Danilo Zrenjanin
12:45 PM pfSense Feature #4259 (Resolved): Port forward NAT rules with "any" protocol
Danilo Zrenjanin
12:45 PM pfSense Feature #4259: Port forward NAT rules with "any" protocol
Tested:... Danilo Zrenjanin


05:12 AM pfSense Todo #12701: Reorganize CARP status page
Tested.... Danilo Zrenjanin
05:02 AM pfSense Bug #13226 (Confirmed): Captive Portal doesn't disconnect established OpenVPN link
Steps to reproduce:
1. Connect to the network through the CP portal.
2. Establish OpenVPN forcing all traffic thr...
Danilo Zrenjanin


11:19 AM pfSense Bug #13185 (Resolved): LDAP setup does not display 'Global Root CA List' option unless another CA also exists
Tested:... Danilo Zrenjanin


06:11 AM pfSense Regression #13212: Captive Portal redirect not working if HTTPS login is enabled
Tested the patch on the:... Danilo Zrenjanin


07:51 AM pfSense Bug #13105 (Resolved): DNS Forwarder custom options may fail after save/restore when options are only separated by newline
Tested backing up a config file with (from the system running 2.7.0.a.20220520.0600) the following custom options in ... Danilo Zrenjanin


06:59 AM pfSense Regression #13146 (Resolved): Captive Potal: Hosts remain connected after removing them from the table
Tested:... Danilo Zrenjanin
06:52 AM pfSense Documentation #13187 (New): Azure Frequently asked questions Danilo Zrenjanin

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