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09:30 AM pfSense Bug #7386 (Feedback): IPv6 not disabled in mpd.conf w/ IPv6 GUI option set to 'disabled'
continuing from:
When my ISP (Fairpoint) apparently added some...


12:36 AM pfSense Bug #3351 (Needs Patch): increase traffic graph.php SVG resolution
While debugging a limiter issue it turned out I needed the text on the traffic graphs which hadn't been working for m...


12:39 PM pfSense Feature #3229 (New): make DynDNS status accessible to the colorblind
DynDNS status uses red/green to indicate its status. Especially in a lightweight typeface, this is inaccessible to ...


01:40 AM pfSense Bug #2273 (Rejected): OpenVPN won't listen on interface 'any' after adding CARP vip's
After adding CARP VIP's, with the openvpn 'interface' parameter set to 'any', openvpn won't listen for connections.


03:42 PM pfSense Bug #1493: pf blocks all traffic following filter reload.
The same solution worked for me. What I was seeing was broken ssh connections on every filter reload, any in-flight ...


06:54 PM pfSense Feature #2032 (Resolved): add functionality to encrypt the private key in a Viscosity bundle (OpenVPN Client Export)
these patches allow the choice of encrypting the OpenVPN private key with a passphrase when downloading a Viscosity b...
06:36 PM pfSense Bug #2031 (Resolved): add help text for Certificate Manager serial number
I got confused by the 'Serial' field label in the CA manager for a CA certificate. I figured it was the CA's serial,...


12:55 PM pfSense Bug #1902 (Rejected): intel_ipw license ack prevents boot from LiveCD
Actual results:
When booting from LiveCD, boot fails. Messages indicate


03:55 PM pfSense Feature #1868 (Needs Patch): RFE: DHCP Server option pull-down menus, pre-populated data types
It would be great to be able to pull down a menu when setting the advanced DHCP server options. The link given in th...
03:43 PM pfSense Feature #1867 (Closed): RFE: DHCP Server option to set interface-MTU option to lowest WAN interface value
I have a setup with a Multi-WAN configuration, with one cable modem with MTU 1500 and one DSL modem, MTU 1492. After...

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