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10:15 AM pfSense Feature #2886: multiple ips per carp vhid group
> You can add IP alias VIPs on top of a single CARP VIP to have as many IPs as you want on a single VHID in pfSense 2... Alexander Swen
09:21 AM pfSense Feature #2886 (Rejected): multiple ips per carp vhid group
since I can't find very detailed information on how carp works (under the hood i mean) i've read some documentation o... Alexander Swen
09:18 AM pfSense Feature #2885 (Closed): loadbalancing should be more tweakable
Our future pfsense boxes will be to distributing traffic over our appservers. Currently we use two old debian Lenny b... Alexander Swen


08:27 AM pfSense Feature #2834 (Needs Patch): carp+pfsync: add ability to prefer one node as master
This request is done because we have the situation of a lot (3x /27) ip-addresses with most of them guarded by carp. ... Alexander Swen


04:24 AM pfSense Feature #2492 (Needs Patch): identify changes lines before "apply"
when a record in aliases or rules is changed one has to press "apply". in the meantime I would like to be able to see... Alexander Swen


09:25 AM pfSense Packages Bug #2060 (Closed): after update a remove is done before download of pkg`
i just noted that my server, after a console update to 2.0.1, removed packages before he tried to download the...
Alexander Swen
09:16 AM pfSense Packages Feature #2059 (Rejected): please put packages on the mirrors as well as normal downloads
and please provide a way to change the package source similar to the firmware update source. Alexander Swen


03:14 PM pfSense Bug #1877 (Resolved): (cosmetic) aliases-edit markup to wide for background
@2.0-RC3 (amd64) built on Mon Sep 12 10:27:40 EDT 2011@
when editing a list of aliases the right side of som...
Alexander Swen

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