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07:48 AM pfSense Bug #3176: Hosts file corrupted when using "Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder"
Just had something that looks exactly like this happen in 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 with my overrides list truncated in the mi... Erik Fonnesbeck


03:05 AM pfSense Revision 31b958d5: Make this regular expression a little more specific so it does not kill the wrong wpa_supplicant if there are double-digit interface numbers.
Erik Fonnesbeck


02:19 AM pfSense Revision 7bb09580: Maintain the previous order of creating wireless interfaces at boot so additional virtual APs get the same generated MAC as before.
Erik Fonnesbeck


09:59 AM pfSense Revision dcb41555: Do not skip displaying outbound NAT rules with no interface or an invalid interface; it interferes with editing/deleting the skipped rule itself or rules after it.
Erik Fonnesbeck
09:47 AM pfSense Revision d5d6c0ad: Revert "Use get_Cofnigured_interface_with_descr() here since that's the purpose"
This reverts commit 0c8e9f0c26b29f57faa2ccef9a559774103fee79. Erik Fonnesbeck


07:15 PM pfSense Revision f1e01f7c: Fix line endings
Erik Fonnesbeck


07:10 PM pfSense Revision 5b668994: Add extra check for DHCP(v6) static mapping edit pages to prevent an error when no DHCP config exists yet.
Erik Fonnesbeck
07:02 PM pfSense Revision 6ef2297b: Add extra checks for reading and saving certain wireless settings and fix an existing check.
Erik Fonnesbeck


11:24 PM pfSense Revision ae3f91d8: Fix parentheses matching
Erik Fonnesbeck
10:19 AM pfSense Revision d77696d3: Fix typo
Erik Fonnesbeck

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