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01:11 PM pfSense Feature #7092: Kernel modules for alternate congestion control algorithms
Before version 2.5.0, I could use these modules, which I make from source code. But since version 2.5.0, this no long... Yuran Yastreb


11:47 AM pfSense Bug #11575: OpenVPN clients cannot pass traffic when reconnecting using the same source port
Edgardo Rodriguez wrote:
> Jim Pingle wrote:
> > No, but since you compiled it on a different system and nobody els...
Yuran Yastreb


09:08 AM pfSense Bug #10524: Bridge that includes a GIF interface does not come up at boot
Jim Pingle wrote:
> Did this work on a previous version?
I didn't use this combination in previous version. Howev...
Yuran Yastreb


03:22 PM pfSense Bug #10524 (Resolved): Bridge that includes a GIF interface does not come up at boot
I use pfsense version 2.4.5. This problem occurs when a gif port is added to the bridge. This bridge does not rise af... Yuran Yastreb


04:42 AM pfSense Bug #1943: PPPoE won't reconnect after link loss when using vr(4) NICs on certain ISPs only
I am experiencing the same issue with version 2.4.4-p3 on x86 hardware (re network interfaces). Yuran Yastreb


11:41 AM pfSense Packages Bug #9350 (Resolved): not appear proxy config
This problem is observed when using "squid" and "squidguard" packages together. If you enter values in the "blacklist... Yuran Yastreb

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