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09:09 PM pfSense Revision 61cf2b7e: now works again
most likely fixes #2638 Darren Embry
08:40 PM pfSense Revision 219d9eb9: fix #2639 (country interface selector in interfaces_ppps_edit.php)
also make ppps_edit more jslint ready for good measure Darren Embry
08:02 PM pfSense Revision f8b64312: restrict '/' from virtual server name field
fixes #2656 Darren Embry
04:10 PM pfSense Bug #2638 (Feedback): Captive portal status widget on the Dashboard is not working
Applied in changeset commit:61cf2b7ed7cfbbab57ec049032d6b953b921904d. Darren Embry
03:40 PM pfSense Bug #2639 (Feedback): Selecting a Country under Interfaces > (assign), PPPs tab, PPP Link type populates provider list with javascript code.
Applied in changeset commit:219d9eb9a987387beff52a3852734e049aae1882. Darren Embry
03:10 PM pfSense Bug #2656 (Feedback): The "/" char in Virtual Server name disable the server
Applied in changeset commit:f8b6431222602e206eac046fa68e24a8c35c1659. Darren Embry


12:38 PM pfSense Revision 6fda15a9: fix for: Output from CSRF magic mangles files in Diagnostics > Edit File Darren Embry


06:47 PM pfSense Revision c184fa27: fix imbalanced HTML tags
hopefully continues to fix #2625 but no guarantees. Darren Embry
06:47 PM pfSense Revision 59167b10: fix some imbalanced HTML tags
hopefully this will fix #2625 but this needs to be done anyway. Darren Embry
06:47 PM pfSense Revision 00ad21b9: fix more imbalanced HTML tags.
hopefully continues to fix #2625 but no guarantees. Darren Embry

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