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04:47 PM pfSense Feature #8645: Upload certificate file instead of pasting
Just submitted: Michael Newton


08:41 PM pfSense Revision 60682dd2: Restrict entry of DHCP options (ticket #8534)
Michael Newton
03:42 PM pfSense Bug #8534: Invalid DHCP options can be added
See Michael Newton
03:37 PM pfSense Bug #8534 (Resolved): Invalid DHCP options can be added
Had a user who wanted to temporarily "disable" a DHCP option so he set it to zero. This corrupted the DHCP response. ... Michael Newton


02:46 PM pfSense Bug #8426 (Resolved): Mobile IPSec login not working after upgrade from 2.4.2p1
Since performing the upgrade from 2.4.2p1 to 2.4.3, users have been unable to connect; OS X clients get an error sugg... Michael Newton


07:04 PM pfSense Revision 9ad6899e: make inputs a bit wider for fahrenheit
Michael Newton
06:23 PM pfSense Revision e5d14da2: address comments
Michael Newton
06:21 PM pfSense Revision 7620b362: fix copy/paste error
Michael Newton
06:11 PM pfSense Revision 8b09ec18: update label on unit change
also ensure unit labels can be internationalized, and fix some whitespace Michael Newton
05:55 PM pfSense Revision bc63503b: Moving this code to PHP for i18n
Michael Newton

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