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01:04 PM pfSense Bug #13487: GUI IPV6-WAN-status stays "Offline, Packetloss" after a short communication hick up
To be noted. In the actual 2.7 snapshot the IPV6 gateway is still relatively frequently changing to 'unavailable' Louis B


09:41 AM pfSense Regression #14072: No working IPv6 gateway if upstream RA does not contain M or O flags because rtsold does not execute script
I also think the RA behavoir is not OK! See my form post Louis B


01:16 PM pfSense Packages Bug #10692: PIMD starts twice at boot
I still see things which are strange running the actual 2.7 build in combination with the latest pimd beta from githu... Louis B


04:40 AM pfSense Bug #13851 (Resolved): DNS Resolver does not generate automatic ACLs for IPv6 when Network Interfaces is set to "All"
When investigating unexpected IPV6 DNS behavoir, I discovered that the DNS-resolver does not function for IPV6. The p... Louis B


12:46 PM pfSense Feature #628: Ability to specify listen IP address of management services (SSH, web interface)
I just initiated an ticked asking for better GUI/SSH security. GUI/SSH should IMHO only listen to defined IP's and no... Louis B
11:57 AM pfSense Feature #13777 (Rejected): Better security for FW-management
IMHO pfSense should only be manageable via defined IP-addresses, and not via all GW-ddresses, like it is now.

Louis B


06:41 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10692: PIMD starts twice at boot
Running a pimd beta build on top of latest 2.7 pfSense build, Í just checked the general system log. Which does look ... Louis B


10:08 AM pfSense Plus Bug #13530: Remote Logging strange behavior
Jim, I am still trying to interconnect connect pfsense with my gray log server and there are surely multiple issues b... Louis B


10:42 AM pfSense Plus Bug #13530: Remote Logging strange behavior
I did some further test. Not only the firewall log stops but also e.g. unbound. I disabled forwarding to GrayLog. At ... Louis B
07:59 AM pfSense Plus Bug #13530: Remote Logging strange behavior
Yep, I just started logging pfsense alarms in GrayLog, and .... it does not work. The firewall logging stops after so... Louis B

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