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09:33 AM pfSense Todo #10464: Disallow package updates when a system update is available
+1. While the world can't be made completely idiot proof, leading someone down a path of a one-click "upgrade availab...


04:06 PM pfSense Packages Bug #10989: Snort alert page has hidden characters in IPv6 address
Oh. I searched for Snort bugs.
12:10 PM pfSense Packages Bug #10989 (New): Snort alert page has hidden characters in IPv6 address
It looks like Snort has hidden characters in IPv6 addresses on its alert page. This makes it difficult to search for...


11:10 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10911 (Resolved): Bandwidthd iframe not resizing in 2.4.5/2.4.5p1
Forum thread from several posters:
Looking at 2...


01:58 PM pfSense Docs Correction #10512 (Closed): Feedback on Routing and Multi-WAN — Using Multiple IPv4 WAN Connections
I'm told that when https:...


03:18 PM pfSense Docs Correction #10173 (Closed): Feedback on Packages — Fixing a Broken pkg Database
On 2.4.4p...


11:08 AM pfSense Packages Bug #7223: IPv4 Rules not working in Inline Mode
Hi all, is this still an issue with the spring 2018 updates to Suricata? There was a forum discussion about it that ...


10:07 AM pfSense Bug #7326: Unbound fails to start during rc.wanipchange when using large enough dns lists
To "me too" this report from a different direction, I realized we were seeing this issue on our HA setup during the o...


04:31 PM pfSense Bug #4310: Limiters + HA results in hangs on secondary
We are not noticing our secondary (which is also a VM) hang. However, our one limited rule traffic ends overnight, s...


10:33 AM pfSense Bug #2564 (Closed): Import from m0n0wall breaks pfSense if dashes are in an alias
We just tried to upgrade from m0n0wall 1.33 to pfSense 2.01. We booted (live CD), configured the LAN IP, and restore...

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