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06:35 PM pfSense Regression #14139: CARP announcement src MAC should be virtual MAC
Actually, they do. Chris Linstruth


11:25 AM pfSense Packages Feature #14126 (New): Quality monitoring graph scale adjustment
If possible, it would be nice if the scale of the packet loss side of the onitoring graph was not the same as the lat... Chris Linstruth


04:42 PM pfSense Regression #14059: Traffic may not be sent through IPsec tunnels even after the child SA is installed
I believe the change that makes this a problem where it wasn't before is that states are now created on interface "all". Chris Linstruth


02:54 PM pfSense Feature #13894 (New): Explicitly enable/disable DHCP DDNS updates per scope
If DDNS is enabled in a DHCP scope, a DHCP configuration stanza like this is created for the domain specified:
Chris Linstruth


11:34 AM pfSense Bug #12927: OpenVPN with OCSP enabled allows connections with revoked certificates
OCSP is not checked at all if certificate depth checking is disabled. does not place tls-verify into t...
Chris Linstruth


10:12 AM pfSense Bug #13423: IPv6 neighbor discovery protocol (NDP) fails in some cases
OK -
Tested saving the interface and it did add multicast group:...
Chris Linstruth
06:56 AM pfSense Bug #13802 (New): Incorrect language in Plus registration
The email sent by shopify says this:... Chris Linstruth


10:53 AM pfSense Feature #13751 (New): Add language to IPsec configuration for disabled ciphers
Apparently it is confusing to users to have inapplicable hash methods disabled in the IPsec configuration pages.
Chris Linstruth
07:27 AM pfSense Bug #13436 (In Progress): Input validation on ```` uses incorrect variable references for some fields
Should this be in Feedback, Resolved, or is there more work to be done based on the last feedback? Chris Linstruth


01:32 PM pfSense Regression #13418: Captive Portal does not keep track of client data usage
Counters still zero... Chris Linstruth

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