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07:26 PM pfSense Bug #10754 (Rejected): NAT rules not updating.
Will be re-done.


03:14 PM pfSense Docs Correction #10683 (Rejected): Feedback on Firewall — Preventing RFC1918 Traffic from Exiting a WAN Interface
You are talking about a completely different issue than that page is describing.
That section describes a method o...


03:29 PM pfSense Bug #10674: Port Forward Address Fields not becoming active in Safari
Same on recent 2.5.0.
03:25 PM pfSense Bug #10674 (Feedback): Port Forward Address Fields not becoming active in Safari
When you select a method that should allow address/network/alias input in a NAT Port Forward in Safari, the fields ar...
10:14 PM pfSense Feature #9527: Add ability for LDAP extended query on groups in RFC2307 containers.
I don't think this is quite flexible enough. In the case of FreeIPA, for instance, the posixGroups list the member DN...


12:46 PM pfSense Bug #10662 (New): Restoring AutoConfigBackup presents Reboot type pulldown then reboots automatically
When restoring an AutoConfigBackup a "Yes" to reboot button is presented followed by a pulldown menu of the reboot st...


03:33 PM pfSense Bug #10616 (Rejected): Out of date CA root store - FreeDNS (DynDNS) not working anymore
This is not a bug in the pfSense firewall software. The FreeDNS https server is misconfigured and is offering an expi...


06:44 PM pfSense Bug #8100: pfsync Initially Deletes States on Primary for Connections Established through Secondary
Verified still occurs on 12.1-STABLE/2.5.0.


05:00 PM pfSense Feature #10387 (New): Reevaluate the GUI upgrade language presented to the user
When a user is performing an upgrade using the Web GUI they are presented with this message after the files are copie...


02:32 PM pfSense Bug #10295 (Resolved): Unescaped characters in dhcp-client-identifier prevent DHCPD from starting on interface
The following is allowed by the webgui in a static mapping: Client Identifier: 32" Sony Trinitron
That creates a c...

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