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10:00 PM pfSense Bug #14991 (Confirmed): Kea does not allow FQDNs for NTP servers but input validation does not prevent them from being added
It looks like kea does not allow FQDNs for NTP servers.
ntp-servers 42 ipv4-address true false
Apparently ISC D...
Chris Linstruth


07:00 PM pfSense Regression #14974 (Resolved): Incorrect permissions on ``ipsec.auth-user.php``
Strongswan cannot execute /etc/inc/ipsec.auth-user.php, breaking Xauth.
Was 0755 in 23.05.1 now 0644 in 23.09
Chris Linstruth


05:53 PM pfSense Feature #14953 (New): Add kea information to status output
status.php only gathers information, such as the configuration file, for ISC dhcpd. Kea should be incorporated.
Chris Linstruth


12:16 PM pfSense Feature #14777: Status output plugin hook for packages to include their own data
This looks wonderful. Thank you.
My only concern would be showing the full BGP route table. But since we're alread...
Chris Linstruth


08:20 PM pfSense Regression #14635: "Legacy" strength PKCS#12 Export needs ``-legacy`` provider parameter on OpenSSL command

% openssl pkcs12 -legacy -info -in HA+OpenVPN+Server-Legacy.p12
MAC Iteration 2048
MAC verified OK
PKCS7 Encrypted d...
Chris Linstruth
03:03 PM pfSense Feature #13124: Option to wait for interface selection before displaying firewall rules
Tested on:
23.09-DEVELOPMENT (amd64)
built on Sat Aug 26 17:37:15 UTC 2023
FreeBSD 14.0-ALPHA2
Looks good.
Chris Linstruth
12:35 PM pfSense Regression #14719 (Resolved): IPv4+IPv6 outbound NAT rule expands to invalid rule set
A misconfigured outbound NAT rule that used to load now stops pf from loading the rule set.
First seen on:
Chris Linstruth


02:26 AM pfSense Packages Feature #14588 (Resolved): Add FRR diagnostic status output plugin
Since FRR is a package and the status output does not generate information for packages, it would be really helpful f... Chris Linstruth


03:20 PM pfSense Feature #14535: DNS Unbound Resolver will still resolve IPv6 AAAA URLS when LAN and WAN are set to none for IPv6.
At this point this discussion is best taken to the forum at Chris Linstruth
03:19 PM pfSense Feature #14535: DNS Unbound Resolver will still resolve IPv6 AAAA URLS when LAN and WAN are set to none for IPv6.
Then they thought they had IPv6 available to use and, properly, tried to use it first. Check the IPv6 configuration o... Chris Linstruth

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