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02:46 AM pfSense Bug #9169 (Rejected): carriage return handling in OpenVPN custom Options
Separate your custom options with a semicolon as the field instructions and documentation state.
Enter any additio...


11:49 AM pfSense Bug #9136: IPv6 Tracking Interfaces Lose IPv6 Address in Certain Cases
The fix for #9115 has made this much better but I still see these issues:
Editing/Saving the VLAN parent interface...


06:51 PM pfSense Feature #9001: Add checkbox to disable SSL peer verification for SMTP notifications
Using a host override to cause a hostname mismatch on a server with a valid certificate I was able to confirm mail co...
06:18 PM pfSense Bug #8465: Lost default gateway after recover from failover with CARP VIP and HA
Tested on CE build from Friday November 16th. Duplicated missing default gateway on primary node after failover and f...


07:40 PM pfSense Bug #9106: strongSwan 5.7.1 will not start on some 2.4.4/2.4.5 systems, log shows "charon has quit: integrity test of libstrongswan failed"
Confirmed that a RADIUS server named was placed into strongswan.conf named radius_name and charon had no ...
07:27 PM pfSense Bug #8001: Invalid FQDN in alias causes alias table to fail *silently*
Created host alias with these FQDNs


05:48 PM pfSense Bug #9136 (New): IPv6 Tracking Interfaces Lose IPv6 Address in Certain Cases
IPv6 assigned to inside interfaces seem to lose their assignments one by one over time upon renewal or interface rese...


02:03 PM pfSense Bug #9101 (New): Traffic Graphs/Dashboard Slows Downloads Being Performed by the Same Firefox Browser
Based on a forum post I performed some testing.
If I started a download in Firefox then used the same Firefox brow...
08:48 PM pfSense Bug #8590 (Resolved): sshd does not allow agent forwarding
Verified that the checkbox toggles the AllowAgentForwarding in sshd_config and that agent forwarding is both enabled ...


02:13 PM pfSense Feature #9078 (New): Investigate adding knobs for explicit-exit-notify in OpenVPN
explicit-exit-notify looks like it can greatly speed up recovery time on OpenVPN process restarts and potentially HA ...

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