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09:33 AM pfSense Bug #13210 (New): PPPoE server panics with multiple client connections
When using the PPPoE server it's possible to trigger a kernel panic if enough clients attempt to connect. It appears ... Steve Wheeler


01:34 PM pfSense Regression #13203: Floating rules without an interface are not loaded
Looks good in my test case:... Steve Wheeler
11:30 AM pfSense Regression #12827: High latency when reloading the ruleset
Ruleset load times in 22.05 look like:... Steve Wheeler


05:57 PM pfSense Packages Todo #13190: Update System_Patches package for pfSense+ 22.05
That's expected with those patches in 22.05. The system patches package should be updated for 22.05. Steve Wheeler


01:37 PM pfSense Bug #13185 (New): LDAP setup does not display 'Global Root CA List' option unless another CA also exists
When configuring an LDAPs authentication server that uses root CA signed certs, such as Google LDAP, you need to set ... Steve Wheeler
11:12 AM pfSense Regression #12873: Hyper-V RSC support in ``hn(4)`` driver is enabled by default and results in very low throughput
This seems to work as expected.... Steve Wheeler


04:02 PM pfSense Regression #13182 (Feedback): Enabling /var as a RAM disks conflicts with ZFS
Enabling /var as a RAM disk conflicts with existing mounts in ZFS systems.
This most obviously presents as a probl...
Steve Wheeler


03:58 PM pfSense Regression #13176 (Resolved): UPnP port mappings cause kernel panic
This looks good here too:... Steve Wheeler


07:35 PM pfSense Regression #13176: UPnP port mappings cause kernel panic
See: Steve Wheeler
07:33 PM pfSense Regression #13176 (Resolved): UPnP port mappings cause kernel panic
Adding a port mapping via UPnP causes a kerlnel panic in 22.05.
Tested here using GUPnP Universal control point. ...
Steve Wheeler

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