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05:43 AM pfSense Feature #9155: Add driver bnxt for Broadcom NetXtreme interfaces
This module has been tested by several users and seems stable. It would be nice to have it included.


10:34 AM pfSense Bug #9488: No console when booting CE Memstick UEFI.
The FreeBSD 12 memstick also stalls in the same place. Good call!
Tested this image:


11:41 AM pfSense Bug #9558 (Feedback): GPS NTP source PHP errors
The output from a non-sync'd GPS set as an NTP source produces PHP errors in the NTP status. Both the main status pag...


07:39 AM pfSense Bug #9267: dhclient does not handle protocol timeouts or script failures correctly
See also:
This appears to have been comm...


07:49 PM pfSense Bug #9541 (Feedback): Non-admin user with admin rights is given the wrong URL for the user manager
In 2.4.4p3 a user with admin rights that is not the admin user is given when opening the user manager:


12:21 PM pfSense Bug #9533: XG-7100 FAT config restore not working post-install
It looks to me like the USB drive is being detected and loaded after the ECL has run which why it does not see the co...


04:19 PM pfSense Bug #9223 (Resolved): SSHGUARD doesn't work as expected
Confirmed against CE 2.4.4p2. Triggering lockout via SSH still allows unlimited login attempts at the gui.


06:41 AM pfSense Bug #9522 (New): Diagnostics > System Activity shows only the header
In current 2.5 snapshots the 'top' output in Diagnostics > System Activity seems truncated.
I see only:...


10:14 AM pfSense Bug #9495: AWS VPC VPN wizard produces incorrect config (SHA256 should be SHA1)
So far I have been unable to replicate this.
Tested with a 7100 and 1100 against us-west-2 and us-east-2 using AWS W...
10:06 AM pfSense Packages Bug #9497: AWS VPN Wizard: WebGUI times out.
When you apply the settings at step 3 the GUI times out. If you check AWS suring that time the Virtual Private Gatewa...

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