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07:41 AM pfSense Packages Bug #12030: Startup Errors for Avahi Package
The service warnings are expected if you don't have publishing enabled. It's disabled by default.
See: https://forum...


08:03 AM pfSense Regression #12040 (Resolved): Scheduled firewall rules failing to load
In 2.5.2-RC firewall rules with a schedule fail to load generating an error.
Tested using this config:...


07:38 AM pfSense Bug #9277: MBT-4220/2220: pfSense hangs when running sysctl -a
No. Those OIDs don't exist to be read if the i915 module is not loaded:...


09:56 AM pfSense Bug #11910: IPsec status tunnel descriptions are incorrect
I saw this behaviour when adding a VTI phase 2 to a system which already had a mobile IPSec tunnel defined.
Both con...
06:47 AM pfSense Bug #9277: MBT-4220/2220: pfSense hangs when running sysctl -a
There appear to be two specific sysctls that cause the system to stop responding:...
07:13 PM pfSense Bug #9277: MBT-4220/2220: pfSense hangs when running sysctl -a
This was difficult to pin-down because it only stops responding if the HDMI console is not connected at the time the ...


06:59 AM pfSense Feature #8794: NTP authentiction
The ntp client auth is yet to be implemented.


09:41 AM pfSense Bug #12000 (Feedback): Remote syslog server input validation passes invalid values
When configuring remote syslog servers in status_logs_settings.php each server is entered as IP[:port]. Port 514 is a...


04:06 PM pfSense Bug #11843 (Resolved): Potential XSS vulnerability in Captive Portal ``redirurl`` handling
Tested this against 21.05.r.20210526.1807.
Whilst logged in:...


03:51 PM pfSense Bug #11453: ``wpa_supplicant`` uses 100% of a CPU core at boot
This is in 2.6 snapshots and now 2.5.2. Also in 21.09 snapshots if testing on arm.

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