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03:02 PM pfSense Bug #10899 (Pull Request Review): VXVLAN interfaces are not created correctly
VXLAN interfaces are created with a VXLANDEV interface when operating in unicast mode resulting in:...
12:09 PM pfSense Bug #10898 (Pull Request Review): vxlan interfaces fail the interface mismatch check at boot.
vxlans are not excluded from the list of interfaces to check like other sub-interface types so it fails:...
11:03 AM pfSense Bug #10706 (New): OpenVPN routes are removed by disabled static route entries
If a static route is disabled at run-time it is reasonable to expect it to be removed from the system routing table. ...


06:00 PM pfSense Docs Correction #10877 (Feedback): Feedback on VPN — IPsec — Configuring an IPsec Remote Access Mobile VPN using IKEv2 with EAP-MSCHAPv2


08:05 AM pfSense Docs Correction #9310: Appliances with internal switch need the MAC Address section of their Getting Started guides updated
This only applies to the SG-1100 and SG-7100 since they are the only devices with a switch port as the WAN by default.


08:16 AM pfSense Bug #10814 (Needs Patch): OpenVPN UDP multihome fails when connecting to an IP that is not logically closest.
If you connect to the external WAN IP from an OpenVPN client on an internal interface of a pfSense install running an...


08:28 AM pfSense Bug #10794 (Resolved): HAProxy Stats page credentials are not redacted in status.php
The status_output file generated by status.php does not redact the HAProxy stats page login details:...


09:07 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10783 (New): NtopNG is very unstable on arm64
NtopNG will start and run after being initially configured even though this error:...


02:46 PM pfSense Bug #10740 (Resolved): Console menu shows static subnet for dhcp connections.
Yup that got it!...


08:24 AM pfSense Bug #10740 (Resolved): Console menu shows static subnet for dhcp connections.
The interfaces list shown in the console will show a subnet value from the config file if it is present for a DHCP co...

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