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02:21 PM pfSense Bug #14176: Uptime displays plural seconds for multiple minutes Steve Wheeler
02:06 PM pfSense Bug #14176 (New): Uptime displays plural seconds for multiple minutes
The check to display seconds as plural is incorrectly checking for multiple minutes here:
Steve Wheeler


01:59 PM pfSense Bug #14167 (New): Auto Config Backup: Selected manual backups are not retained.
The 'Manual backups to keep' feature in ACB does not retain the selected number of manual backups as expected.
Steve Wheeler
12:49 PM pfSense Feature #14166 (New): Use netstat output for interface packet counters
Currently the In/Out Packets counters shown for Interface Status are taken from pfctl. Hence they show the identical ... Steve Wheeler
11:15 AM pfSense Regression #14164 (New): IPv6 Interface config race condition
While re-configuring an interface that has an IPv6 config, such as when the link bounces, it's possible to hit a race... Steve Wheeler


07:38 PM pfSense Regression #12821: Intel e1000 driver (em & igb) cannot pass VLAN0 tagged packets
For clarity the e1000 iflib driver that is in-kernel in pfSense has a bug that prevents it passing vlan0 if vlan hard... Steve Wheeler


07:21 PM pfSense Plus Regression #14137 (New): pfSense Plus Upgrade repo data remains on the system after upgradng
After upgrading from CE to pfSense Plus the repo data used for that should be removed from the firewall leaving it us... Steve Wheeler
02:03 PM pfSense Packages Bug #14116 (Duplicate): Squid Error went I press SAVE button.
Duplicate of
Missing Squid Reverse config values.
Steve Wheeler


02:53 PM pfSense Feature #14122 (New): Allow selecting the repo branch on config restore
Currently the config restore code always defaults the update repo branch to current stable. The branch set in the con... Steve Wheeler
10:33 AM pfSense Feature #12070: Support for VLAN ``0``
This specific feature request was opened to handle vlan0 for ISPs other than AT&T.
It is marked resolved because t...
Steve Wheeler

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