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11:51 PM pfSense Bug #9643: Limiters do not function properly on 2.5 snapshots
Tested fq-codel out on the latest snapshot and found out that if i apply an outbound WAN pass rule to ipv6 it does ap... Thomas Pilgaard
11:40 PM pfSense Bug #11192: Using Limiters causes out of order packets within one TCP or UDP flow
Observed the same on 2.4.5 p1 with out of order packets during iperf testing using fq-codel with limiters set to 930 ... Thomas Pilgaard


02:31 AM pfSense Bug #9024: nat + a limiter + fq_codel dropping near all ping traffic under load
Problem also seems to be related to download limiter only, as traceroute is displayed correctly if fq-codel is applie... Thomas Pilgaard

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