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10:10 AM pfSense Revision e324755b: poudriere upstream is not supporting dashes in ports tree names.
This is to prevent issues with sets, so we need to respect the change
Brad Davis


04:15 PM pfSense Revision 6bdf2d74: Increase the number of logs we are keeping
Brad Davis
03:41 PM pfSense Revision 65fc53d1: Remove a trailing \r that prevents s3 rm from working
Brad Davis
12:10 PM pfSense Revision b7ab1742: Set the output format to avoid \r on line endings preventing log files from being deleted
Brad Davis


03:47 PM pfSense Todo #10298: Use SHA-512 for user password hashes
(SHA-512 so it matches FreeBSD) Brad Davis
03:44 PM pfSense Todo #10298: Use SHA-512 for user password hashes
Can you implement this and switch to SHA-512? Brad Davis


02:52 PM pfSense Revision e4560653: Always save built pkgs progress
Brad Davis
02:52 PM pfSense Revision 71e9637a: Build improvements for using AWS:
* Use release artifacts from S3 to populate poudriere jails
* Pull prebuilt pkgs from S3 to only rebuild changed item...
Brad Davis

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