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04:50 PM pfSense Bug #13014: Charon.vici can get in a bad state
We think this is fixed, but need additional testing to know for sure. Brad Davis


12:23 PM pfSense Revision 3f479ecb: Revert "Revert "Remove the leftover pfSense-installer repo if it exists""
This reverts commit ae40f82dc7bdc2cbef8a22ee682ec97e5a69fbd8.
Bring this back in now the build puts the file in /tmp...
Brad Davis


10:25 AM pfSense Revision ae40f82d: Revert "Remove the leftover pfSense-installer repo if it exists"
This reverts commit 2f5b8f48de1875c128e05267b0f7d59075c781c4.
This breaks the build since it removes the file too early
Brad Davis


04:59 PM pfSense Revision 7d80d1ef: Also exclude pfSense-installer.conf
Brad Davis
04:59 PM pfSense Revision 2f5b8f48: Remove the leftover pfSense-installer repo if it exists
Brad Davis


03:25 PM pfSense Revision 725763b0: Bring in Zabbix 6.x
Partial cherry-pick
(cherry picked from commit 0590dfaac0ec302b10931d6a239208908053160e)
Brad Davis


02:05 PM pfSense Revision e01ea791: Unset the other PCRE options
Brad Davis
11:40 AM pfSense Revision 0590dfaa: Deprecate Zabbix 3.x and bring in Zabbix 6.x
Brad Davis


11:33 AM pfSense Revision 4cd703e9: Add bhyve config package
Brad Davis


07:50 PM pfSense Revision 662693da: Attempt to clear the ZFS label off the end of the disk before expanding
This prevents hangs when importing the pool due to garbage on the end of
the disk
Brad Davis

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