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04:10 AM pfSense Bug #9859 (Rejected): Memory exhaustion by hundreds of minicron and php-cgi processes.
After repeated gateway failovers I noticed I wasn't able to login any more using https or ssh.
I would then get an e...
Joel Linn


05:54 AM pfSense Bug #6181 (Resolved): Updating url alias tables fails when remote server returns empty document.
Updated to 2.3 and it seems the url alias tables fails to update when one table contains no entry ("").
In my case I...
Joel Linn


03:39 AM pfSense Bug #5921: Freeze when Gateway goes down
It must be something with high priority because I am unable to operate a console. It just doesn't response to keyboar... Joel Linn


03:17 AM pfSense Bug #5921 (Not a Bug): Freeze when Gateway goes down
I have one failover group, tier 1 is WAN, tier 2 is another Gateway(Router) on the LAN.
As you can see in the logs a...
Joel Linn


03:58 AM pfSense Bug #5833 (Closed): OpenVPN reports "no route to host" although a GW Group is selected for failover
pfSense with 2 physical interfaces, WAN and LAN. There is another www gateway on the LAN which is configured in a GW ... Joel Linn


03:37 PM pfSense Bug #4101 (Needs Patch): Mounting information lost upgrading from XenServer virtualized 2.1.5
During the update, the devices get renamed and the reboot fails. You have to manually fix this during boot and edit t... Joel Linn

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