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09:19 AM pfSense Regression #12345: Captive Portal users cannot get past portal even after successfully logging in
Merge request:
As far as I can tell this ruleset ...
Kristof Provost


02:49 PM pfSense Regression #11470 (Feedback): Panic when using CBQ traffic shaping
I've not been able to reproduce this yet. I'd expect it to happen around the borrowing code of CBQ, where it starts o... Kristof Provost


09:04 AM pfSense Regression #12287 (Feedback): State table entry rule ID does not contain the expected value
That's an endianness issue. The kernel converts several fields to network-endianness, and the (userspace) libpfctl li... Kristof Provost


07:40 AM pfSense Regression #12217 (Feedback): Kernel panic in IPFW when using Captive Portal
Fix pushed to (devel... Kristof Provost


07:27 AM pfSense Regression #12037 (Feedback): Built-in SNMP daemon does not return values for BEGEMOT-PF-MIB::pfLabels on latest build
Merged into devel-12 and cherry-picked to RELENG_2_5_2. Kristof Provost
07:06 AM pfSense Regression #12037 (Waiting on Merge): Built-in SNMP daemon does not return values for BEGEMOT-PF-MIB::pfLabels on latest build
This was the result of an incorrect conversion to libpfctl (a DIOICGETRULE ioctl call was replaced by pfctl_add_rule(... Kristof Provost


06:39 AM pfSense Regression #12028 (Feedback): SNMP daemon issues with pf nvlist changes
Look to be fixed by Luiz's a8c3d8e344a7d7e015b78fa4935fcdbd4aec97df.
We were missing the libnv dependency in the l...
Kristof Provost


06:26 AM pfSense Regression #11839: Panic on 21.05/2.6.0 snapshots when memory usage is high
I believe these crashes all share the same root cause, which is that we (in certain places) mis-use the rule/state co... Kristof Provost


08:03 AM pfSense Regression #11550: Segmentation fault when loading ALTQ traffic shaping rules using FAIRQ
This is an upstream FreeBSD bug, and is reproducible with the following pf.conf on a recent FreeBSD/main:
> altq o...
Kristof Provost
06:47 AM pfSense Regression #11857: Match rules cause pf error parsing rules
Confirmed, and tracked down to a merge conflict. Fix pushed to the development branches, and merge request opened for... Kristof Provost

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