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01:52 AM pfSense Bug #8104 (Rejected): Pfsense 2.4.1
Hi Server I've installed Pfsense 2.4.1 on 2012R2 Hyperv and after a while I've got to remove the PFSense which was co... Landforces turkuaz


08:27 AM pfSense Feature #7115 (Rejected): Firewall logs duration
It would be nice if the firewall log records are archived in the new version Landforces turkuaz


01:42 AM pfSense Bug #6496: Squid HTTPS Certificed enable Unable to determine IP address from host name http
Chris Buechler wrote:
> pretty sure that's a config issue, not a bug.
So what is the solution of this
I think it...
Landforces turkuaz


10:05 AM pfSense Bug #6496 (Not a Bug): Squid HTTPS Certificed enable Unable to determine IP address from host name http
Squid HTTPS filitering enable and problem
The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: ...
Landforces turkuaz


02:20 AM pfSense Packages Bug #6194 (Not a Bug): SSL inspection not working
pfSense 2.3 Https SSL inspection does not work I'm putting together create a certificate to the computer, but ...
Landforces turkuaz


03:06 AM pfSense Bug #5881 (Not a Bug): Firewall Logs
Does the planned improvements to keep a log of firewall log server without?
500 Kb log's are many bi does not work W...
Landforces turkuaz


03:19 AM pfSense Feature #5870 (Closed): Log and reports details
You can work for a more detailed logging. Landforces turkuaz
03:18 AM pfSense Packages Bug #5869 (Resolved): Squid non-functional in transparent mode in 2.3
Squid in transparent mode in 2.3 is non-functional. Squid config seems sane, the rdr to is correct and... Landforces turkuaz


06:29 AM pfSense Packages Bug #4376 (Closed): Squid3 Squidguard3 Stability Problems
Pfsense.2.2 also squid3 3 the stability and squidGuard3 squidGuard3 is experiencing problems, especially after 3...
Landforces turkuaz

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