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06:15 AM pfSense Revision 230ac725: Add dynamic DNS provider
Fixes Jaakko Kantojärvi
06:14 AM pfSense Revision 691d0458: Fix order of providers in doc string (use case-insensitive sort)
Jaakko Kantojärvi


08:49 PM pfSense Revision 82caf945: Add option to set max cache age for the custom dynamic DNS provider
Fixes Jaakko Kantojärvi
04:06 PM pfSense Feature #12090 (Resolved): Add new Dynamic DNS provider: is a small dynamic service provider exclusive to Finland (i.e., the service requires that the client IP locates... Jaakko Kantojärvi
03:57 PM pfSense Feature #9092: Option to set interval of forced Dynamic DNS updates
Fix aka. the PR in review: Jaakko Kantojärvi


03:30 PM pfSense Bug #12007 (Resolved): Dynamic DNS cache expiration time check calculation method may cause update to happen on the wrong day
Dynamic DNS update is executed if a) no update has been done for the provider yet, b) the IP address has changed afte... Jaakko Kantojärvi


10:42 PM pfSense Revision 79b9e082: Add some leeway to DynDNS cache expiration time check
This leeway is needed to ensure that the cache is invalidated after N days and
not N+1 days. The latter could happen,...
Jaakko Kantojärvi
09:18 PM pfSense Revision 22949106: Merge identical code of DynDNS providers
Jaakko Kantojärvi
09:13 PM pfSense Revision f6f1d1c6: Remove whitespace at end of line
Jaakko Kantojärvi
09:13 PM pfSense Revision f56efb0d: Sort DynDNS providers inside switch statements
Not all of the code is sorted in this commit, but comments
were added to the code to instruct future contributors to
Jaakko Kantojärvi

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