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02:05 PM pfSense Revision e0fd8fdd: Enable the registration page on Plus.
Allow the customers to re-register an existing instance if the NDI changes.
Ticket: 9580
Luiz Souza


12:01 PM pfSense Plus Regression #13724 (Feedback): pfSense-upgrade breaks the pkg repo conf
Fixed in the latest snapshot.
Only make the link after complete the repo settings download.
Luiz Souza
11:59 AM pfSense Plus Regression #13726 (Feedback): error at first boot
The PHP has to be initialized before calling pfSense-upgrade in the first boot.
Fixed in 3f97a8052c5767bfb7e20d1b8...
Luiz Souza


07:03 AM pfSense Revision 231fc598: While here, reduce a few differences with Plus.
Luiz Souza
06:58 AM pfSense Revision 2984a4b1: Update the loader.conf filter list.
This remove the duplicate entries for the settings added by pfSense.
Sync with the current Plus defaults.
Luiz Souza
06:51 AM pfSense Revision ce1cf189: Update the EFI loader from the package installation script.
The simply action of installation the script will perform the loader update. Luiz Souza


04:15 PM pfSense Revision 7df0039f: Set the correct ABI/ALTABI for the next release.
Luiz Souza


11:47 AM pfSense Revision fbade897: Add a new core package, pfSense-boot to hold the OS boot files.
This package will be used to allow the update of the OS loader,
which needs to happen on the first phase of the updat...
Luiz Souza


08:42 PM pfSense Revision 2884bd1f: Add two missing '\n' to pkg.conf.
This file is quickly overwritten by the (correct) version written by
pfSense-upgrade, this makes this failure hard to...
Luiz Souza


09:00 AM pfSense Revision a02e2cf8: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into CE_Plus_Upgrade
Luiz Souza

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