Luiz Souza





08:35 AM pfSense Revision f319adf4: Add the tunnel address to WG interface.
Wireguard support is now functional.
08:35 AM pfSense Revision 4103ddd6: Fix the wireguard configuration file, start tunnels at boot.
Add the Endpoint port, fix the configuration permissions.
Remove the WG tunnel when a tunnel is removed.
08:35 AM pfSense Revision 52a5f91f: Fix a typo.
No functional change.
08:35 AM pfSense Revision 0f674c32: Fixes the saving of peers settings in GUI.
The previous commits had a few mistakes which were fixed in here.
Fixes the WG configuration path and creation.
08:35 AM pfSense Revision f8fac290: Fix the file name in header.
Remove the mention from m0n0wall, this code was created for pfSense.
08:35 AM pfSense Revision 5f4b92c2: Rename the Wireguard peers entries in configuration XML to 'peer'.
'peer' is already properly handled by the XML routines as a list entry, which
is not the case of 'peers'.
This fixes...


06:28 AM pfSense Revision 8f585441: Update the Copyright year.
A subsequent commit will deal with .po's.


09:09 AM pfSense Bug #8611 (In Progress): unable to receive IPv6 RA's on SG-1000, default route lost
Jim Pingle wrote:
> On the 20201208.0803 snapshot I still have to put the interface in promiscuous mode or it doesn'...


01:27 AM pfSense Bug #8611 (Feedback): unable to receive IPv6 RA's on SG-1000, default route lost
Fixed. Multicast address are enabled by default now.
Please test with the next snapshot.


09:59 PM pfSense Bug #10806: armada_thermal fails during device_attach
Daniel Gordon wrote:
> Unfortunately, I've since needed that device and reverted it to 2.4.5. I will be unable to te...

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