Andrew Webster




12:07 PM pfSense Packages Feature #9704 (New): Enable filter_username
Filtering the username passed into freeRadius can be beneficial in the case where the captive portal is authenticatin...


02:32 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8167 (Resolved): FRR OSPF6 range problem (subnet not advertized)
The range statement inside the router ospf6 clause seems to have the opposite effect of what is expected.
FRR docs...
01:46 PM pfSense Bug #8166 (Not a Bug): FRR Interfaces list does not show Interface Description like the rest of pfSense
This is just a question of standardizing the output so it looks the same everywhere...
On the OSPF Interfaces, and...
01:39 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8154: FRR OSPF6 not working
OSPF3 hello packets now emanating from the interface when the interface is added to the interface list.
Passive mode...


02:43 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8154 (Resolved): FRR OSPF6 not working
FRR's OSPF6 configuration pages don't appear to be generating the correct output into the /var/etc/frr/ospf6d.conf fi...


10:02 AM pfSense Feature #6795 (Duplicate): User certificate for webGUI login
It would be practical to allow the administrator to enable user certificate required for webGUI signin.
This would a...


07:53 AM pfSense Bug #5528 (Not a Bug): CARP Advbase value is overwritten from the master
When running CARP, the default setting of master's skew +100 on the backup device tends to result in unexpected failo...


11:47 AM pfSense Bug #5514 (Not a Bug): No mechaism to flush DHCP6C DUID when cloning VM
Cloning an existing VM in ESXi 5.5, assigned new MAC addresses to interfaces, but /var/db/dhcp6c_duid contains a DUID...


08:29 PM pfSense Feature #5373: Advanced option to add separator or group firewall rules in web gui
Would also be very helpful to be able to add a label to the rule, beyond the description.
I've written some automati...

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