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10:03 AM pfSense Plus Regression #14102 (Feedback): Console menu incorrectly shows option 99
Fixed in 209cb8b1. Reid Linnemann
09:59 AM pfSense Plus Regression #14102: Console menu incorrectly shows option 99
I've simplified and improved the EMMC/SATA rootdev check for aarch64 devices. The modified script is more specific ab... Reid Linnemann


09:14 AM pfSense Revision 46f5b38a: Make GlobalGGetExprRector configurable, add simple test for $g variable
Reid Linnemann
09:14 AM pfSense Revision 96eb75ed: Rename GlobalGGetExprRector and friends to ArrayGetExprRector
Reid Linnemann
09:14 AM pfSense Revision ce614369: Make ArrayGetExprRector configurable for multiple variables
Rector only permits a single instance of a Rule class in a configuration, so in
order to allow the ArrayGetExprRector...
Reid Linnemann
09:14 AM pfSense Revision 875221b6: ArrayGetExprRector support for variable and funccall array keys
Change how buildPathArgNode() generates an Arg node - as we introduce support
for more complicated expressions in arr...
Reid Linnemann


06:16 PM pfSense Plus Bug #13967 (Feedback): aarch64 23.01 upgrade can fail to write the bootloader
Fix has been released to the world this week. Reid Linnemann
06:15 PM pfSense Bug #14046 (Rejected): bsdinstall based installs are missing EFISYS DOS label on efi partition
There are many reasons the EFISYS label is missing. pfSense-upgrade has also been modified to restore this FAT label ... Reid Linnemann


10:57 AM pfSense Packages Regression #14043 (Feedback): Netgate Firmware Upgrade fails to mount EFISYS
Fixed in plus as of 67fef1ab045a. /mnt and /boot/efi are both unmounted prior to mounting the ESP at /mnt. Reid Linnemann


11:02 PM pfSense Plus Regression #14080: Installer fails to install to a geom mirror
Do we want to cut the cord on UFS and just be done with it? Reid Linnemann

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