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05:43 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9279 (Duplicate): security/acme: acme pf sense package processes unnecessary notifications due to using stdout
When email notifications enabled and pfsense acme (0.5.1) package installed and cron enabled, acme client will produc... Derek Schrock


11:56 PM pfSense Feature #8023: Redirect to FQDM
Good point.
Would it be acceptable to do all this transparently inside nginx conf leaving the interface as is? If...
Derek Schrock
02:00 PM pfSense Feature #8023: Redirect to FQDM
Possible fix see attached patch Derek Schrock
01:03 PM pfSense Feature #8023 (Closed): Redirect to FQDM
When "WebGUI redirect" is unchecked from System->Advanced pfsense will redirect requests to http to https.
If you ...
Derek Schrock


09:46 AM pfSense Feature #5985: ntp pool command
Jim Pingle wrote:
> I've tried this manually and couldn't get any working result from it. Does anyone happen to have...
Derek Schrock


08:48 PM pfSense Packages Bug #6062 (Needs Patch): stunnel should use "WAN IP" to protect you from breaking stunnel config
Like some other services and firewall/NAT settings you can choose "WAN IP" that's a dynamic value that will always be... Derek Schrock
08:41 PM pfSense Packages Bug #6061 (Closed): stunnel package update request
If supported under 2.2.6 can the stunnel package be updated to the latest release? 5.31 ( Derek Schrock
08:40 PM pfSense Packages Bug #6060 (Closed): stunnel certs tab does update cert tab
under 2.2.6-RELEASE with stunnel 5.20.3 package installed the cert tab page never updates after adding a new cert. T... Derek Schrock


07:50 PM pfSense Feature #5985 (Resolved): ntp pool command
For future ntp (FreeBSD 10.2+ ntpd 4.2.8p3) usage would it be possible for the web interface to support the pool comm... Derek Schrock

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