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10:14 PM pfSense Bug #14854: Packets are passed through dummynet twice when using ``route-to`` leading to half the expected bandwidth
I wouldn't say it's incorrect setup, using limiters on multi-wan setup has been working on pfSense for over 8 years. ... Jose Duarte


06:15 AM pfSense Regression #14039: Limiters have no effect on upload traffic passed by policy routing rules
I think in general you currently don't need more testers but can at least share that we are quite affected since we h... Jose Duarte


06:15 PM pfSense Regression #13026: Limiters do not work
Not sure if fully related but having limiter issues on final 22.05 release with a netgate 6100.
2 limiters, each wit...
Jose Duarte


02:50 AM pfSense Bug #10513: State issues with policy routing and HA failover
Tested in 2.5.2. This seems to still be a big issue.
pfSync is basically useless on a Multi-WAN setup, all states fr...
Jose Duarte


08:07 AM pfSense Bug #4584: Static Mapped clients on one LAN get a DHCP IP from another LAN even when Deny unknown clients is checked on the other LAN
I would like to bring this bug from the grave.
This still applies in latest versions and it's definitely a bi...
Jose Duarte


05:23 AM pfSense Feature #7962: Support for Intel 553 network card
Hi, having the same issue. I guess the new driver is needed.
Was fixed in FreeNAS already.
Jose Duarte


07:02 PM pfSense Bug #4310: Limiters + HA results in hangs on secondary
Moved, yet again :( Jose Duarte


04:19 AM pfSense Bug #4310: Limiters + HA results in hangs on secondary
For those still with problems you can use limiters in HA with any version w/out kernel panic but for that you need ad... Jose Duarte


06:06 AM pfSense Bug #4310: Limiters + HA results in hangs on secondary
One more here, we always have limiters and HA and we are forced to use the queues. If someone makes a mistake of assi... Jose Duarte


06:50 AM pfSense Bug #6682 (Not a Bug): OpenVPN Client does not use "interface" configured. Connection always established through default gateway.
Tested with 2.3, 2.3.1 and 2.3.2
Test scenario: configure multiple WANs, use WAN1 as default gateway, configure Open...
Jose Duarte

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