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06:40 PM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
2.6 now? Wow.. Might as well officially at least make a TAYGA package.. Seems to work well enough, because this will ... Brandon Jackson


06:58 PM pfSense Feature #11266 (Resolved): Option to list AutoConfigBackup entries in "reverse" order (newest at top)
I'm sure there are others like me that prefer and that are used to latest entries being at the top.
Just today whe...
Brandon Jackson


03:51 PM pfSense Bug #11105: IPv6 RA RDNSS lifetime is too short, not compliant with RFC 8106
Just including my post from the thread for a bit of attional info.
The radvd.conf is getting generated without Adv...
Brandon Jackson


01:27 PM pfSense Docs Correction #10895 (Resolved): Feedback on Interface Types and Configuration — GIF (Generic tunnel InterFace)
Route Caching seems to have ...
Brandon Jackson


10:40 AM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Is it possible that anyone here is skilled in packaging?
Would it be possible for someone to make a Tayga package ...
Brandon Jackson


11:02 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9244: FRR Status BGP Summary only shows "IPv4 Unicast Summary"
Created a pull request.
Changed this on my 2.4.4p2 with FRR 0.2_4
"show ip bgp summary $" to "show bgp summary ...
Brandon Jackson


10:53 AM pfSense Feature #6240: vxlan driver
+1 Brandon Jackson


07:26 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9244 (Resolved): FRR Status BGP Summary only shows "IPv4 Unicast Summary"
ON the FRR status pages, Services / FRR / Status, On the All and BGP tabs.
BGP Summary contains no info about IPv6...
Brandon Jackson


09:13 PM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Just noticed, it looks like Unbound (DNS Resolver) supports DNS64 as well (plus BIND/named if you want to use that), ... Brandon Jackson


10:33 PM pfSense Feature #1831: Captive portal IPv6 support
Bump. Its 2018, how is this still a thing. Brandon Jackson

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