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10:40 AM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Is it possible that anyone here is skilled in packaging?
Would it be possible for someone to make a Tayga package ...


11:02 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9244: FRR Status BGP Summary only shows "IPv4 Unicast Summary"
Created a pull request.
Changed this on my 2.4.4p2 with FRR 0.2_4
"show ip bgp summary $" to "show bgp summary ...


10:53 AM pfSense Feature #6240: vxlan driver


07:26 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9244 (Resolved): FRR Status BGP Summary only shows "IPv4 Unicast Summary"
ON the FRR status pages, Services / FRR / Status, On the All and BGP tabs.
BGP Summary contains no info about IPv6...


09:13 PM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Just noticed, it looks like Unbound (DNS Resolver) supports DNS64 as well (plus BIND/named if you want to use that), ...


10:33 PM pfSense Feature #1831: Captive portal IPv6 support
Bump. Its 2018, how is this still a thing.


04:11 PM pfSense Packages Feature #8610 (Resolved): FRR BGP "no bgp default ipv4-unicast" option.
Any chance at getting this option added in GUI?
Trying to keep IPv4 and IPv6 neighbors/routes separate but of cour...


07:52 PM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Seems FreeBSD 11.1 now has NAT64. This is what "we" were waiting on right?


02:11 PM pfSense Bug #7840 (Resolved): OpenVPN 2.4 Server: Hide Interface when Protocol is Multihome
This is merely cosmetic, but may also help cut down on some confusion.
If "Protocol" is set for "<UDP/TCP> IPv4 an...
01:44 PM pfSense Bug #7839 (Resolved): IPv6 ICMPv6 Type 3 Code 0 (hop limit exceeded in transit) reply uses wrong address.
Forum post here
When pfsense receives a packet with a TTL of 1,...

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