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10:33 PM pfSense Feature #1831: Captive portal IPv6 support
Bump. Its 2018, how is this still a thing.


04:11 PM pfSense Packages Feature #8610 (New): FRR BGP "no bgp default ipv4-unicast" option.
Any chance at getting this option added in GUI?
Trying to keep IPv4 and IPv6 neighbors/routes separate but of cour...


07:52 PM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Seems FreeBSD 11.1 now has NAT64. This is what "we" were waiting on right?


02:11 PM pfSense Bug #7840 (New): OpenVPN 2.4 Server: Hide Interface when Protocol is Multihome
This is merely cosmetic, but may also help cut down on some confusion.
If "Protocol" is set for "<UDP/TCP> IPv4 an...
01:44 PM pfSense Bug #7839 (Resolved): IPv6 ICMPv6 Type 3 Code 0 (hop limit exceeded in transit) reply uses wrong address.
Forum post here
When pfsense receives a packet with a TTL of 1,...


12:32 AM pfSense Feature #2358: NAT64 Support
Upvote. Even if just NAT64, as other have said Google has DNS64 and also BIND can be installed and it is pretty simpl...


01:29 PM pfSense Bug #2073: APIPA broadcasts forwarded by route-to
Jim Pingle wrote:
> There is no GUI knob to disable it, but there is a setting. You can set it in the config.xml dir...


02:40 PM pfSense Bug #2073: APIPA broadcasts forwarded by route-to
Except with no way to disable this rule, this can affect bridged interfaces, and since the rule is processed so far i...

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