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05:22 PM pfSense Bug #7591: services_captiveportal.php suggest default auth_method, and old links
I ended up describing this two ways. It now doesn't accept it (per 0ee22f364ca62b8305ff36447954dacdbc3c3cce)
but pl...
Jeremy C. Reed
05:19 PM pfSense Bug #7591 (Resolved): services_captiveportal.php suggest default auth_method, and old links
If don't select radio button for "Authentication method" it stays empty
so no authentica...
Jeremy C. Reed
05:04 PM pfSense Bug #7590 (New): diag_edit do not save when nothing to sae (in directory browse view)
if you are browsing directory hiererchy, and enter a filename
and click save, it will write a zero by...
Jeremy C. Reed
05:02 PM pfSense Bug #7589 (Resolved): ``diag_edit.php`` warning is not cleared after picking non-directory to load
diag_edit.php will give warning "Loading a directory is not supported."
but after clicking Browse and getting a dire...
Jeremy C. Reed
04:48 PM pfSense Bug #7588 (Resolved): missing label for form in services_dyndns_edit
services_dyndns_edit "Verify SSL peer" checkbox
doesn't show its corresponding form label. It is set to "null".
Jeremy C. Reed
04:37 PM pfSense Todo #7587 (Resolved): sort system_groupmanager_addprivs privileges
feature request.
Please sort the list of privileges in the form
like is done in t...
Jeremy C. Reed
04:31 PM pfSense Todo #7586 (Resolved): system_usermanager_addprivs show user name
feature request: system_usermanager_addprivs.php
should say what user and fullname is having the privileges added to...
Jeremy C. Reed
04:20 PM pfSense Bug #7585 (Resolved): system_usermanager.php showcert does nothing
The checkbox for showcert "Click to create a user certificate"
when adding a new user does n...
Jeremy C. Reed
04:10 PM pfSense Bug #7584 (Resolved): privileges abuse with page-diagnostics-dns
my user has
page-diagnostics-dns privilege which provides DNS lookups
but also allowed the user to create an alias
Jeremy C. Reed
04:08 PM pfSense Bug #7583 (Needs Patch): pkg_mgr confusing versions
The table shows Version for the package then
the dependencies show same package name with different ver...
Jeremy C. Reed

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