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07:13 PM pfSense Revision ba1f99cd: Improve/add help messages warning about bad security choices


09:41 PM pfSense Feature #4688: Missing TFC Traffic Flow Confidentiality support
Did FreeBSD get TFC support in the last 2 years?


05:33 PM pfSense Feature #4826: Allow configuration of multiple phase1 proposals
That would be great, because currently you have to select the lowest common denominator, which generally results in p...
05:33 PM pfSense Feature #6242: Use local user datebase for IKEv2 EAP-Charpv2
+1 from me :)


02:47 PM pfSense Feature #4828: Advanced option to show hidden firewall rules in web gui
I'd like to see this too.
Supposedly there are automatic/invisible rules for passing IPSec, yet my IPSec doesn't w...
08:23 AM pfSense Packages Bug #6563: Squid still accepts sha1 certificates
It's probably much lower now. Since January, all the major browsers warn upon SHA1 certs. Regardless, the ticket sub...
11:36 PM pfSense Bug #6967: DH Groups 22, 23, 24 missing from Phase 2 selection GUI
DH Groups 22-24 are inadvisable:
Did thi...
11:27 PM pfSense Packages Bug #6563: Squid still accepts sha1 certificates
I don't actually use squid, but given this week's SHA-1 collision, I thought I'd ping this ticke...
11:21 PM pfSense Feature #6842: Package Manager progress bar should indicate overall progress
I upgraded to the new 2.3.3 today and saw this same "dancing". Was going to file a bug, but I'll just +1 this one. :)
11:10 PM pfSense Feature #7216: Allow user to choose date display format
And I can't imagine a firewall admin who would work in anything other than ISO 8601 format. :)
But yeah +1 to this...

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