Harald Linden

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09:22 AM pfSense Bug #6973 (Duplicate): OpenVPN fails to verify client certificate when using intermediate CAs to sign server/user certs
I am using pfSense and OpenVPN with a few intermediate CAs to seperate VPN servers by project:...


08:06 AM pfSense Bug #6953 (Resolved): on mismatching private key for CA, "edit user" silently creates user cert using different CA
Steps to reproduce:
* have existing internal CA
* import external CA (in my case, signed by the internal CA but g...
06:59 AM pfSense Bug #6952 (Resolved): Generating user certs from imported CA fails silently when no starting serial# is set
Steps to reproduce:
* Import external CA
* Do not set "Serial for next certificate"
* Try to create a user certi...

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