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07:00 PM pfSense Bug #8077: Filterlog format does not match documentation or RFC spec
You are of course right, and I am feeling silly. Can't see the wood for the trees.
There is a proper bug report ag...
Joash Lewis
03:58 PM pfSense Bug #8077 (Not a Bug): Filterlog format does not match documentation or RFC spec
The "documentation of the filterlog format": indic... Joash Lewis


02:41 PM pfSense Feature #7097 (Resolved): Authentication cache for LDAP and RADIUS
Currently PFSense does not remember LDAP or RADIUS authentication to the admin portal between requests. This results ... Joash Lewis


11:21 AM pfSense Revision 1d3fbcc7: Remove redundancy, more indentation cleanup
Joash Lewis
10:35 AM pfSense Revision bbb28670: Corrected indentation style
Joash Lewis


01:13 PM pfSense Revision a095e8b2: Load current saved value to display in GUI
Joash Lewis
12:58 PM pfSense Revision a5978b9a: Server side validation and description amendment
Joash Lewis
12:55 PM pfSense Revision 280f0009: Set default in 'else' of if block
Joash Lewis
05:24 AM pfSense Revision c6aca57d: Remove duplicated if block
Joash Lewis


05:31 PM pfSense Revision 4034876f: Fix indentation
Joash Lewis

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