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10:29 PM pfSense Feature #7193: NTP process PGRMF
I also have a Garmin 18x LVC and I've been trying to replicate your setup but I'm not really sure why you needed a fu... Jack Booth


04:25 AM pfSense Feature #7193: NTP process PGRMF
Pär Wedin wrote:
> I have the hardware to test this and I have enabled the "Process PGRMF" option, but I don't know ...
Jack Booth


08:42 PM pfSense Feature #7287 (New): NTP add support for ACTS ref clock
Add support for driver 18 ACTS ref clock.
Jack Booth


01:26 PM pfSense Feature #7284 (Resolved): NTPd Autoset GPS device baud rate
It would be nice to have the option to attempt to auto configure the baud rate for a GPS device.
Useful if you don't...
Jack Booth
12:44 PM pfSense Revision 472f121b: Allow PGRMF for Custom GPS type.
Jack Booth
12:07 PM pfSense Revision bd74b2ec: Fix ublox parsing.
Jack Booth


09:03 AM pfSense Revision 5476b118: Add to NTP GPS processing of PGRMF sentence
(cherry picked from commit 6924a2bf34a70cd33284a28ca3575f33f9834375) Jack Booth
09:03 AM pfSense Revision d1fe01d2: Set ntp gps mode for pgrmf even if no other modes are being set.
(cherry picked from commit 821110e8ff76564c23783c554fc89cd9458683ac) Jack Booth
04:10 AM pfSense Feature #7201 (New): NTP Support multiple GPS reference clocks
PR Jack Booth


09:03 AM pfSense Revision 821110e8: Set ntp gps mode for pgrmf even if no other modes are being set.
Jack Booth

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